Winter Wheat Crop
Winter Wheat Crop-icon
Image © Zynga
Release DateSeptember 23, 2011
CostCash-icon 4 Cash
GoodsGoods-icon 127 Goods
Growing timeInstant!
Collection Collection
Mastery Star
Mastery Level 1
Requirement3 harvests
Goods BonusGoods-icon +20% Goods
Mastery Star Mastery Star
Mastery Level 2
Requirement6 harvests (9 total)
Goods BonusGoods-icon +40% Goods
Mastery Star Mastery Star Mastery Star
Mastery Level 3
Requirement6 harvests (15 total)
Goods BonusGoods-icon +60% Goods
RewardWinter Wheat Master

Winter Wheat Crop is a limited time crop in CityVille. It was first released during the Russian Event. It costs Cash-icon 4 Cash to plant, grows instantly and earns Goods-icon 127 Goods.

Winter Wheat Crop was added back to the Build Menu on December 28, 2011. It is one of the "Russian Crops" in unlocking the Moscow Mansion.

Growth Phases Edit

Growth Seed (0-50%) Seedling (51-99%) Fully Grown (100-299%) Withered (300%)
Phases: NoImage NoImage NoImage NoImage

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