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Here is where you can find Unreleased Content for CityVille.


Craftsman Bungalow Brownstone 3 Gablefront House Large Motel
Res housestucco icon Brownstonehex-icon Countrysiding-icon Motel-icon
Farm House House Brick House Siding Townhouse
Lodgewing-icon Housebrick-icon Housesiding-icon Townhouse L1 icon
Mission House Duglas
Res missionhouse icon Duglas


Fast Food Chicken Comic Book Store Juice Bar General Store Quick Stop
Fast Food Chicken-icon Comic Book Store-icon Juice Bar-icon General Store-icon Quick Stop-icon
Bait Shop Joltin' Joez
Bait Shop-icon Ii-icon


Banyan Tree Palm Tree Park Pond Shrub Land Tree Soccer Field
Banyan tree gift icon Palm Tree 5-icon Park Pond A icon Trree of spook 215476 1596618844615 1510306796 31140947 3511858 n
Park Gazebo Joltin' Joez Reward Gym Nutcracker Santa Topiary
Park Gazebo A icon Ii mastery-icon Gym Deco Nutcracker Deco santa topiary SE

Community BuildingsEdit

Auditorium Bus Terminal Pharmacy Prison
Auditorium-icon Bus Terminal-icon Pharmacy-icon Prison-icon
Doctor's Office Supply Truck Armored Truck
Doctorsoffice-icon Supply Truck Depot-icon Armored Truck Depot-icon


Food Train food car 14x14 Expansion
StationDialogIcon Food doober Train food SW Expansion14x14
3x3 Expansion 6x6 Expansion Silver
Expansion 3x3-icon Expansion 6x6-icon Silver1 doober Silver2 doober Silver3 doober

Ship ContractsEdit

Vancouver-Canada Mumbai - India Tokyo-Japan Istanbul-Turkey
Vancouver Supply-icon Shipcontracticons india mumbai Shipcontracticons japan tokyo Shipcontracticons turkey istanbul

Power PlantsEdit

Coal Plant Nuclear Plant
Coalplant icon Nuclearplant icon.



Tree22 Tree23 Tree24 Tree25 Tree26 Tree27
Tree22 Tree23 Tree24 Tree25 Tree26 Tree27
Low Grass 1 Low Grass 2 Low Grass 3 Low Grass 4
Low Grass01 Low Grass02 Low Grass03 Low Grass04


Dense Trees 1 Dense Trees 2 Dense Trees 3 Dense Trees 4
Dense Tree01 Dense Tree02 Dense Tree03 Dense Tree04
Medium Trees 1 Medium Trees 2 Medium Trees 3 Medium Trees 4
Medium Tree01 Medium Tree02 Medium Tree03 Medium Tree04


Factory base SE icon
Factory Job06



Wilderness CollectionEdit

Acorn-icon Bird Nest-icon Maple Leaf 2-icon Mushroom-icon Wilderness Pinecone
Acorn Bird Nest Maple Leaf Mushroom Pinecone

Automotive CollectionEdit

Automotive carkeys Automotive chromerims Automotive contract Automotive floormat Automotive inflatableflailingman
Car Keys Chrome Rims Contract Floormat Inflatable Flailing Man

Cute Cuts CollectionEdit

Cutecuts blowdryer Cutecuts comb Cutecuts hairstraightener Cutecuts pinkcurlers Cutecuts scissors
Blow Dryer Comb Hair Straightener Pink Curlers Scissors

Fast Money CollectionEdit

Fastmoney cashbox Fastmoney creditcards Fastmoney pokerchips Fastmoney safe Fastmoney securitycamera
Cash Box Credit Cards Poker Chips Safe Security Camera

Grease Monkey CollectionEdit

Greasemonkey airfreshner Greasemonkey gascan Greasemonkey quartofoil Greasemonkey squeegee Greasemonkey tire
Air Freshner Gas Can Quartofoil Squeegee Tire

Sweet Tooth CollectionEdit

Sweettooth candyapple Sweettooth giantlollipop Sweettooth gumball Sweettooth gummybears Sweettooth peppermintcandy
Candy Apple Giant lollipop Gumball Gummybears Peppermint Candy

Quick Stop CollectionEdit

Quickstop beefjerky Quickstop candy bar Quickstop chewinggum Quickstop energy drink Quickstop potato chips
Beef Jerky Candy Bar Chewing Gum Energy Drink Potato Chips

Supermarket CollectionEdit

Supermarket dogfood Supermarket magazine Supermarket soap Supermarket toiletpaper Supermarket toothbrush
Dog Food Magazine Soap Toilet Paper Toothbrush

General Store CollectionEdit

Generalstore gloves Generalstore lightbulb Generalstore master Generalstore pot Generalstore sponge
Gloves Light Bulb Master Lock Cooking Pot Sponges

Fruit Stand CollectionEdit


Fruit stand apple

Fruit stand banana Fruit stand orange Fruit stand strawberry Fruit stand watermellon
Apples Bananas Oranges Strawberries Watermelon

Mexican Cuisine Collection Edit


Mexicancuisine enchilada

Mexicancuisine mexicanflag Mexicancuisine nachos Mexicancuisine sombrero Mexicancuisine taco
Enchilada Mexican Flag Nachos Sombrero Taco

Sushi Collection Edit



Sushi nigiri-icon Sushi roll-icon Sushi soysauce-icon Sushi wasabi-icon
Chopsticks Nigiri Roll Soy Sauce Wasabi

Deli Collection Edit


Deli Cheese-icon

Deli Mustard-icon Deli Pickle-icon Deli Salami-icon Deli Tomato-icon
Cheese Mustard Pickle Salami Tomato

Mornin' Joe Collection Edit



Cream-icon Morninjoe honey-icon Sugar-icon Morninjoe tea-icon
Coffee Cream Honey Sugar Tea

Farm Fresh Collection Edit


Deli Cheese-icon

Farmfresh chefsalad-icon Deli Pickle-icon Deli Salami-icon Deli Tomato-icon
Cheese Chef Salad Pickle Salami Tomato



Captain2 80 thumbupConductor 80 waveBillyentrepreneur 80 circle

Captain 80 akimboSallywaitress02 80Sallywaitress01 94Screen shot 2011-06-21 at 1.18.48 PM

Jacquesboatman 167 circleCitysam casual bustCitysam construction bust02Citysam ftue corn bustCitysam ftue open bustCitysam ftue shhCitysam lumberjack bustCitysam map bustCitysam money bust02

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