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Show Some Love for Your Favorite Universities in CityVille!

Universities-icon Universities is a feature introduced in CityVille on October 3rd, 2011. It is available to players at XP-icon Level 10+. Items can be purchased in the Build Menu under "Themes" in the Universities tab.

Only the Student Center is unlocked for purchase in the Build Menu. All other items will be unlocked after completing the Student Center. The first Student Center is free to place from the Get Smart!-icon Get Smart! Goal.


Get Smart!-icon Get Smart! 25px Major Decision Getting Schooled-icon Getting Schooled
Goods-icon 500 Goods
Goods-icon 1,000 Goods
Goods-icon 2,000 Goods


Community BuildingsEdit

Image Community Building Cost Size Allows Completion Requirement
Student Center-icon Student Center Coins-icon 18,000 Coins 4x4 Population-icon 450 Population 6x5 Item Sets Get Smart!-icon Get Smart!
College Stadium-icon College Stadium Coins-icon 150,000 Coins 8x8 Population-icon 1800 Population Staff Members-icon 12 Staff Members Student Center


Image Name Cost Size Population Payout Requirement
College Dorm-icon College Dorm Coins-icon 30,000 Coins 3x3 Population-icon 170-320 Population Coins-icon 301 Coins every Day Student Center


Image Name Cost Size Bonus Payout Requirement
University Sign-icon University Sign Coins-icon 8,000 Coins 2x1 3-9% Student Center
Clock Tower 2-icon Clock Tower Coins-icon 16,000 Coins 2x2 5-15% Student Center


After completing a building or placing a decoration, a logo menu will appear.

**NOTE: Unlocking a logo with City Cash will allow you to use this logo with any other building/decoration of the SAME type, but not with buildings/decorations of different type. For example, unlocking a logo for the Student Center will allow you to use it for any other Student Center, but if you wish to use it for a College Dorm you would have to unlock it with City Cash for a College Dorm.

Each logo costs Cash-icon 10 Cash except for the default CVU logo.

The University of Alabama-logo
The University of Alabama
University of Arkansas-logo
University of Arkansas
Auburn University-logo
Auburn University
Boise State University-logo
Boise State University
Boston College-logo
Boston College
Brigham Young University-logo
Brigham Young University
University of California Berkeley-logo
University of California: Berkeley
Clemson University-logo
Clemson University
University of Colorado-logo
University of Colorado
Cornell University-logo
Cornell University
East Carolina University-logo
East Carolina University
University of Florida-logo
University of Florida
Florida State University-logo
Florida State University
Georgia Tech-logo
Georgia Tech
The University of Illinois-logo
The University of Illinois
The University of Kansas-logo
The University of Kansas
The University of Kentucky-logo
The University of Kentucky
Kansas State University-logo
Kansas State University
University of Louisville-logo
University of Louisville
Louisiana State University-logo
Louisiana State University
University of Maryland-logo
University of Maryland
University of Miami-logo
University of Miami
The University of Michigan-logo
The University of Michigan
Michigan State University-logo
Michigan State University
University of Minnesota-logo
University of Minnesota
University of Missouri-logo
University of Missouri
University of Notre Dame-logo
University of Notre Dame
University of Nebraska-logo
University of Nebraska
The University of Oklahoma-logo
The University of Oklahoma
The Ohio State University-logo
The Ohio State University
Oklahoma State University-logo
Oklahoma State University
Oregon State University-logo
Oregon State University
University of Pittsburgh-logo
University of Pittsburgh
Purdue University-logo
Purdue University
Rutgers University-logo
Rutgers University
University of South Carolina-logo
University of South Carolina
University of South Florida-logo
University of South Florida
Stanford University-logo
Stanford University
Syracuse University-logo
Syracuse University
University of Tennesse-logo
University of Tennessee
Texas A&M University-logo
Texas A&M University
Texas Christian University-logo
Texas Christian University
Texas Tech University-logo
Texas Tech University
University of Connecticut-logo
University of Connecticut
University of Washington-logo
University of Washington
University of Southern California-logo
University of Southern California
University of Utah-logo
University of Utah
Washington State University-logo
Washington State University
University of Wisconsin-logo
University of Wisconsin
West Virginia University-logo
West Virginia University

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