Turn Over A New Leaf!
Turn Over A New Leaf!-icon
Image © Zynga
Goal Information
RequirementsXP-icon Level 20
Release DateJanuary 11, 2012
DescriptionThe New Leaf Greenhouse is great for storing medium termed crops like cranberries and pumpkins!
Mission fromFarmer Rita 3-icon Farmer Rita
Seed Starter-iconAsk for 20 Seed Starters
(Cash-icon 60 Cash)
Place GreenhousePlace and Complete New Leaf Greenhouse
Harvest cropsHarvest 20 Cranberries from a New Leaf Greenhouse
(Cash-icon 50 Cash)
XPXP-icon 75 XP
EnergyEnergy-icon 5 Energy
Goal Completion
DescriptionYour idea to add greenhouses to your city is going to encourage other cities to do the same!
Turn Over A New Leaf!-icon Turn Over A New Leaf! It Takes Two!-icon It Takes Two!

Turn Over A New Leaf! is a goal in CityVille.

Farmer Rita says: "Add the New Leaf Greenhouse to your city so you can store more crops and save more space!"

Announce greenHouse 02


Leaf Greenhouse-feed City is turning over a new leaf with its Greenhouse!

Player was hoping to some day work in the White House but they'll have to settle for a job in the city's new Greenhouse instead.

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