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Tonga Tower
Tonga Tower-icon
Image © Zynga
Reward for:Tonga Tower!-icon Tonga Tower!
Unlock cost:Cash-icon 10 Cash
Sell for:Coins-icon 0 Coins
Construction:Energy-icon 0 Energy
Completion:Open Coconut-viral 7× Open Coconut
Ukulele-viral 7× Ukulele
Drink Umbrella-viral 7× Drink Umbrella
Table Mat-viral 7× Table Mat
Welcome Treats-viral 7× Welcome Treats
*Upgrade one Tiki Business to Level 2
*Master one Tiki Crop to Level 2
Supply Hotel
Supply:Goods-icon 450 Goods
Max. Friends:15
Guest Fill Cost:Cash-icon 110 Cash
Max Floors:3
VIP Floor
Upgrade Cash:Cash-icon 20 Cash
Guest Bonus:Bonus-icon +20% Payout
Floor 1
Guest Bonus:Bonus-icon +10% Payout
Floor 2
Upgrade Cost:Coins-icon 1,500 Coins
Guest Bonus:Bonus-icon +15% Payout
Tonga Tower SW
Tonga Tower scaffolding

The Tonga Tower (or Tonga Tower Restaurant) is a Hotel in CityVille. You receive it from the Tonga Tower!-icon Tonga Tower! goal. Supplying it consumes 450 goods. Collecting from it earns 2,284 coins which gives it an efficiency of 5.08 coins per good. It is one of the three hotels required to unlock the Eiffel Tower Wonder.

This hotel is different from the other two hotels. When friends visit, rather than helping you fill up the hotel quicker with bonus guests, the more friends that check-in the higher the payout bonus when you collect rent. You can earn up to 3x the payout if you can get 15 friends to check-in. There is also no circle of influence like the other two hotels.

You can invite your friends even after the Restaurant is ready to be collected. Just click on the VIP icon above the building.

Like regular businesses, citizens of your city will fill up the restaurant hotel as customers. Hotel decorations do not affect the Tonga Tower, only regular decorations.


Get materials finish hotel MaterialsEdit

Open Coconut-viral 7× Open Coconut
Ukulele-viral 7× Ukulele
Drink Umbrella-viral 7× Drink Umbrella
Table Mat-viral 7× Table Mat
Welcome Treats-viral 7× Welcome Treats

Cash-icon 184 Cash to buy all

Upgrade tonga room icon Upgrade Tiki BusinessEdit

Upgrade one Tiki Business (Song Bird Pet Shop, Ku Drive-In or Tonga Room) to Level 2

  • Requires 50 Harvests
  • Note: You may need to refresh (exit and re-enter) game session after upgrading.

Cash-icon 120 Cash to skip

Pineapple Master-icon Master Tiki CropEdit

Master one Tiki Crop (Pineapple or Sugar Cane) to Level 2

  • Requires 150 Harvests
  • Tip: Sugar Cane takes the quickest time to grow (10 hours vs 20 hours)

Cash-icon 180 Cash to skip

Rewards on CollectingEdit

100%Coins-icon 2,284 Coins
85%XP-icon 1 XP
15%2XP-icon 2 XP
10%Energy-icon 1 Energy

VIP Table RewardsEdit

20%XP-icon 50 XP
15%Goods-icon 500 Goods
10%Sand Castle-icon Sand Castle
10%Surfers-icon Surfers
15%Spa-icon Spa
10%Humpback Whale-icon Humpback Whale
10%Dream Beach Home-icon Dream Beach Home
10%Mud Bath-icon Mud Bath

Table 2 RewardsEdit

35%XP-icon 5 XP
30%Goods-icon 30 Goods
10%XP-icon 15 XP
5%Goods-icon 45 Goods
10%Coconut Tree 2-icon Coconut Tree
5%Fiery Tiki Statue-icon Fiery Tiki Statue
5%Sand Castle-icon Sand Castle


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