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Theme Park
Theme Park-icon
Image © Zynga
Requirement:XP-icon Level 10
Cost:Coins-icon 200,000 Coins
Size:Size-icon10 X 10
Construction:Energy-icon 12 Energy
Stores:5 Attractions

The Theme Park is a 10x10 sized Theme Park business and storage building that is designed to hold Attractions as well as getting a special ride with each level. This feature was released on March 1st 2012 with the first one placed for free from the One Down, Two to Go!-icon One Down, Two to Go! goal, while additional ones cost Coins-icon 200,000 Coins. It takes Energy-icon 12 Energy to build.

When fully built and filled with attractions, it costs Goods-icon 11,200 Goods to run (see note below regarding this function). It gives a payout of Coins-icon 84,000 Coins when fully built and upgraded. The payout can be increased by most decorations.

It is the only inefficient storage building released, since it occupies 100 tiles (10x10), while it holds buildings that only occupies 84 tiles as will be shown below. Although this appears to be able to be stored inside the Solar Mall, it isn't.

For now, attractions released during special events such as the MJ's Immortal Arena, the Buble Bonfire and the Enrique's Euphoria Arena are not storable in the Theme Park.


Level 1Edit

Level 1 Materials
Theme Park Level1 Castle Turret-icon
7x Castle Turret
Park Flag-icon
7x Park Flag
Castle Window-icon
7x Castle Window

Level 2Edit

Level 2 Materials
Theme Park Level2 Bonus Crew-icon
12x Staff Members

Level 3Edit

Level 3 Materials
Theme Park Level3 Coaster Car-icon
8x Coaster Car
Coaster Wheel-icon
8x Coaster Wheel
Shoulder Harness-icon
8x Shoulder Harness


Level 1Edit

Level 1 Attractions
Theme Park Level1 Go Karts-icon
Go Karts
Ferris Wheel-icon
Ferris Wheel
Roller Coaster-icon
Roller Coaster
Size 5x5 3x6 Special Ride
Goods Goods-icon 600 Goods Goods-icon 1,200 Goods Goods-icon 1,600 Goods
Payout Coins-icon 4,500 Coins Coins-icon 9,000 Coins Coins-icon 12,000 Coins

Level 2Edit

Level 2 Attractions
Theme Park Level2 Reverse Bungee-icon
Reverse Bungee
Pirate Ship Ride-icon
Pirate Ship Ride
Wave Pool-icon
Wave Pool
Size 3x3 4x4 Special Ride
Goods Goods-icon 1,400 Goods Goods-icon 800 Goods Goods-icon 1,600 Goods
Payout Coins-icon 10,500 Coins Coins-icon 6,000 Coins Coins-icon 12,000 Coins

Level 3Edit

Level 3 Attractions
Theme Park Level3 Executive Driving Range-icon
Executive Driving Range
Sky Ride-icon
Sky Ride
Magic Castle-icon
Magic Castle
Size 4x4 Special Ride Special Ride
Goods Goods-icon 800 Goods Goods-icon 1,200 Goods Goods-icon 2,000 Goods
Payout Coins-icon 6,000 Coins Coins-icon 9,000 Coins Coins-icon 15,000 Coins

Difference PointsEdit

It differs from other storage buildings in the following points:

  • It holds attractions only in the designated slots.
  • It has 4 slots already filled with attractions that will work only from within the Theme Park itself (Special Rides), and those can't be taken out of it.
  • It doesn't require staffing each slot with a friend or a bonus crew, but it requires 12 Staff Members as a whole who are hired while upgrading to level 2.
  • It changes the way the stored building works as it substitutes the Wrenches needed to operate the attractions with Goods, as it requires a total of 11,200 goods when completed.
  • It is affected by certain decorations but not all (please provide confirmations about any decoration you might have used below ).


Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Theme Park
Theme Park Level1 Theme Park Level2 Theme Park Level3 Theme Park-full

Confirmed DecorationsEdit

Items marked with a x# are items that have different variations of the same decoration (same image, different bonuses), of which all versions count towards this list

* = Residence
** = Community Building

R cont.
  • None

Building Another Theme Park just for CoinsEdit

Collecting from a Theme Park with 9 rides takes Energy-icon 9 Energy and Goods-icon 11,200 Goods with a payout Coins-icon 84,000 Coins. However a ride like Go Karts-icon Go Karts has horrible payout/energy compared to Magic Castle. Since all the rides have the exact Coins per good, the best ride is the one with the highest payout. Collecting from just the Magic Castle only takes Goods-icon 2,000 Goods and pays out a hefty Coins-icon 15,000 Coins.

Let's compare the Theme Park with all 9 rides, Theme Park with 4 unremovable rides (Just Roller Coaster, Wave Pool, Sky Ride and Magic Castle) and a Theme Park with just the Magic Castle in terms of Energy and Goods.

For Goods-icon 11,200 Goods, it would take:

  • Theme Park with all 9 rides - Energy-icon 9 Energy
  • Theme Park with 4 unremovable rides - Approx. Energy-icon 7 Energy
  • Theme Park with just Magic Castle - Approx. Energy-icon 5.6 Energy

For Energy-icon 9 Energy, you would get:

  • Theme Park with all 9 rides and Goods-icon 11,200 Goods - Coins-icon 84,000 Coins
  • Theme Park with 4 unremovable rides and Approx. Goods-icon 14,400 Goods - Approx. Coins-icon 108,000 Coins
  • Theme Park with just Magic Castle and Goods-icon 18,000 Goods - Coins-icon 135,000 Coins

A Theme Park with only Magic Castle-icon Magic Castle requires Coins-icon 200,000 Coins, some Staff and Building Materials. This can also be used to fulfill the collections required in the Theme Park goals.

Another negative from collecting a Theme Park with 9 rides is you only get XP-icon 1 or 2 XP and 1 opportunity for Energy. You are losing 8 opportunities for experience and energy over collecting over a Theme Park with just Magic Castle. Also, since Theme Park takes 100 space, it is very space inefficient and costly, considering expansion now requries much more population.

It takes really little work to get more experience and save energy. The only real disadvantage is the space, but you can always sell your old Theme Park.

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