The Yeti
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The Yeti Caught

For the decoration, see Yeti-icon Yeti.

The Yeti is one of the bandits in CityVille added with the expansion of the Police station: Level 5.


"It's truly abominable how dumb your town's cops are. Oh well, my legend will continue to grow! I better shut up before I put my Bigfoot in my mouth."


To capture a bandit, first collect rent from any of your businesses. When collecting rent from a business, you have a 20% chance of having a bandit appear. He or she will appear in your city near the business they robbed and walk around the same way the citizens appear except they also have a small box over their head. Click this box to capture them. To capture The Yeti there must be 4 officers on patrol, so you must have Donuts-doober 4 Donuts.


Icon Wall Post
The Yeti-feed Bandit Bulletin: Player Captures The Yeti!
Player has made sure that this city will have no more Yeti sightings! Unless you visit him in jail! Celebrate with a donut!


If your police station is under level 7, capturing The Yeti will reward you with an Igloo.

If your police station is level 7, capturing will reqard you with red gems worth Coins-icon 1100 Coins and The Yeti (collectible) towards the Super Villains Collection.

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