Take A Hike!
Take A Hike!-icon
Image © Zynga
Goal Information
Release DateAugust 4th, 2011
DescriptionWell, fluff my flannel! It sure is a beautiful day out there. Whaddya say we go backpackin', eh?!
Mission fromPaul
Hiking Boots-iconGet 14 Hiking Boots
Harvest 50 Carrots.
(Cash-icon 100 Cash)
Have 12 items from the Fast Food Collection

Timed Goal-icon Take A Hike! is one of the timed Goals in CityVille.


Gold Reward-icon GoldEdit

(completed within 3 days)

Silver Reward-icon SilverEdit

(completed within 4 days)

Bronze Reward-icon BronzeEdit

(completed within 6 days)


Take A Hike!-feed City has reached its peak on a Backpacking adventure!

Player hiked diligently for hours before setting up camp at a nearby hotel. They are truly roughing it as the hotel is said to only have one pool. Get City Reward.


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