Super Solar Neighborhood
Super Solar Neighborhood-icon
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Reward for:Save Your Energy!-icon Save Your Energy!
Requirements:XP-icon Level 20
Construction:Energy-icon 8 Energy
Block 1
Materials:Violet Bulb-viral 4× Violet Bulb
Red Bulb-viral 4× Red Bulb
Garden Bulb-viral 4× Garden Bulb
Blue Bulb-viral 4× Blue Bulb
White Bulb-viral 4× White Bulb
Gold Bulb-icon 4× Gold Bulb
Initial Capacity:2
Staff Members-icon 3 Staff Members
or Cash-icon 5 Cash each
Upgraded Capacity:5
Housing Bonus:Bonus-icon +5% Payout
Block 2
Materials:Violet Bulb-viral 8× Violet Bulb
Red Bulb-viral 8× Red Bulb
Garden Bulb-viral 8× Garden Bulb
Blue Bulb-viral 8× Blue Bulb
White Bulb-viral 8× White Bulb
Gold Bulb-icon 8× Gold Bulb
Initial Capacity:6
Staff Members-icon 4 Staff Members
or Cash-icon 5 Cash each
Upgraded Capacity:10
Housing Bonus:Bonus-icon +10% Payout
Block 3
Materials:Violet Bulb-viral 15× Violet Bulb
Red Bulb-viral 15× Red Bulb
Garden Bulb-viral 15× Garden Bulb
Blue Bulb-viral 15× Blue Bulb
White Bulb-viral 15× White Bulb
Gold Bulb-icon 15× Gold Bulb
Initial Capacity:10
Staff Members-icon 5 Staff Members
or Cash-icon 5 Cash each
Upgraded Capacity:15
Housing Bonus:Bonus-icon +15% Payout

The Super Solar Neighborhood is a 5x5 neighborhood in CityVille. It can be placed from the Save Your Energy!-icon Save Your Energy! goal.

According to its description it can store "all types of housing". Despite this description, it does not accept Modern / Custom Houses, or Skyscrapers. It should be able to accept Downtown Housing.

Currently only one Super Solar Neighborhood can be owned. Removing this item will send it to your inventory. It cannot be placed downtown.

One building material, the Gold Bulb can be found by harvesting Solar Buildings.

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Save Your Energy!
The Super Solar Neighborhood lets you collect from more homes using less energy.

Upgrades Edit

Super Solar Neighborhood Block 1 Block 2 Block 3
Super Solar Neighborhood L0-SW Super Solar Neighborhood L1-SW Super Solar Neighborhood L2-SW Super Solar Neighborhood L3-SW
Required Staff: 2 free (staffed by Sam)
Staff Members-icon 3 Staff Members
1 free (staffed by Sam)
Staff Members-icon 4 Staff Members
Staff Members-icon 5 Staff Members
Total Capacity: 5 Houses 10 Houses 15 Houses
Rent Bonus: 5% 10% 15%
Max Energy Savings: Energy-icon 1 Energy Energy-icon 3 Energy Energy-icon 5 Energy


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