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The Stonehenge may refer to:

Balloon Base RouteEdit

Image © Zynga
Requirement:Balloon Base-icon Balloon Base
Cost:Propane Tank 2-icon 25 Propane Tanks
Earnings:Coins-icon 4,000 Coins
Goods-icon 200 Goods
XP-icon 17 XP
Propane Tank 2-icon 5 Propane Tank
Balloon Certificates-icon 5 Balloon Certificates
Stonehenge 2-icon Stonehenge
Flight time:1 hour
Mastery Star
Mastery Level 1
Requirement:20 harvests
Cost IncreaseCoins-icon +20% Coins
Goods Bonus:Goods-icon +20% Goods
Upgrade Cost:Cash-icon 40 Cash
Mastery Star Mastery Star
Mastery Level 2
Requirement:50 harvests
Cost IncreaseCoins-icon +40% Coins
Goods Bonus:Goods-icon +40% Goods
Upgrade Cost:Cash-icon 60 Cash
Mastery Star Mastery Star Mastery Star
Mastery Level 3
Requirement:100 harvests
Cost IncreaseCoins-icon +60% Coins
Goods Bonus:Goods-icon +60% Goods
Upgrade Cost:Cash-icon 100 Cash
Reward:Countryside Manor-icon Countryside Manor

The Stonehenge is a Hot Air Balloon route in CityVille.

It costs Propane Tank 2-icon 25 Propane Tanks to launch and earns Coins-icon 4,000 Coins, Goods-icon 200 Goods, XP-icon 17 XP, Propane Tank 2-icon 5 Propane Tank, Balloon Certificates-icon 5 Balloon Certificates, and Stonehenge 2-icon Stonehenge.

The trip takes 1 hour. Collecting from the Balloon will take Energy-icon 2 Energy. Goods will never wither. Mastering this route earns the player the Countryside Manor.

Here is a list of all the currently available missions.

Balloon Base MaterialEdit

Stonehenge 2-icon
Image © Zynga
Viral Information
Collect From: See list
Cash:Cash-icon 6 Cash each
Inv. Limit:100

The Stonehenge is an item needed to upgrade the Balloon Base-icon Balloon Base to Level 3.

These can be collected from the Stonehenge route (see above).

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