Statue of Liberty
Statue of Liberty-icon
Image © Zynga
Requirement:Run For Governor-icon Run For Governor
Bonus:Bonus-icon +200-400% Payout
Energy to start:Energy-icon 3 Energy
Timer:3 minutes
Maintenance:72 hours
Re-Open with:Torch-icon 6 Torches

The Statue of Liberty is a 6x6 sized Wonder in CityVille. It is unlocked when a player completes the Run For Governor-icon Run For Governor Goal. It can be placed on land or in the water.

The Statue of Liberty gives a temporary citywide payout bonus of:

It requires Energy-icon 3 Energy to activate the bonus effect, which will last for 3 minutes. You have the option to spend Cash-icon 10 Cash to add 30 seconds to the timer and also get Energy-icon 10 Energy. During this period, housing and community buildings will have sparkles around them.

In order to open the Statue of Liberty again, you need to either wait 72 hours, collect Torch-icon 6 Torches by asking neighbors through wall posts, or spend Cash-icon 36 Cash.

Removing this wonder will return it to your Inventory.

On November 12, 2011, the statue info was added to the Wonders section of the Build Menu.



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