Sports Event (2011)
Sports Event-icon
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Start DateSeptember 7, 2011
End DateSeptember 13, 2011
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The Sports Event is an Event in CityVille which started on September 7, 2011. During the event, a number of limited edition Sports themed items were released.


Community BuildingsEdit

Image Community Building Cost Allows Completion Requirement Other Info
Fencing School-icon Fencing School / Population-icon 1,700 Population Staff Members-icon 4 Staff Members / Limited Edition Item,
Mystery Crate reward
Sports Hall of Fame-icon Sports Hall of Fame Cash-icon 60 Cash Population-icon 1,800 Population Staff Members-icon 4 Staff Members / Limited Edition Item


Image Name Cost Supply Earnings Other Info
Trophy Store-icon Trophy Store Coins-icon 20,000 Coins Goods-icon 260 Goods Coins-icon 1,445 Coins Limited Edition Item
Big Play Brewery-icon

Big Play Brewery

Cash-icon 46 Cash Goods-icon 335 Goods Coins-icon 1,781 Coins Limited Edition Item,
Mystery Crate reward
Archery Store-icon Archery Store Coins-icon 350,000 Coins Goods-icon 335 Goods Coins-icon 1,781 Coins Limited Edition Item


Image Name Cost Population Payout Other Info
Healthy Home-icon Healthy Home Coins-icon 10,000 Coins Population-icon 130-250 Population Coins-icon 230 Coins every 1 Day Limited Edition Item
Half-Pipe House-icon Half-Pipe House Cash-icon 75 Cash Population-icon 2,350-4,350 Population Coins-icon 240 Coins every 8 Hour Limited Edition Item,
Mystery Crate reward
Red Card Residence-icon Red Card Residence / Population-icon 1,850-3,650 Population Coins-icon 461 Coins every ? Limited Edition Item,
Mystery Crate reward
Birdie Manor-icon Birdie Manor Coins-icon 30,000 Coins Population-icon 170-320 Population Coins-icon 19 Coins every 5 mins Limited Edition Item
MVP-Most Valuable Palace-icon MVP-Most Valuable Palace Cash-icon 80 Cash Population-icon 2,500-4,500 Population Coins-icon 494 Coins every day Limited Edition Item


Image Name Cost Bonus Payout Other Info
Trampoline-icon Trampoline Cash-icon 11 Cash 11% Limited Edition Item
Monkey Golf-icon Monkey Golf Coins-icon 120,000 Coins 12% Limited Edition Item
Holland Hole In One-icon Holland Hole In One Coins-icon 135,000 Coins 12% Limited Edition Item
Pirate Putt Putt-icon Pirate Putt Putt Cash-icon 27 Cash 27% Limited Edition Item
Kid on Unicycle-icon Kid On Unicycle Coins-icon 5,000 Coins 1% Limited Edition Item
Dodge Ball-icon Dodge Ball Cash-icon 27 Cash 27% Limited Edition Item


Image Name Cost Harvest Time Goods Other Info
Sports Drink (Plot)-icon Win Water Sports Drink Cash-icon 4 Cash Instant Growth Goods-icon 360 Goods Limited Edition
Potatoes-icon Potatoes Coins-icon 35 Coins 1 hour Goods-icon 35 Goods /

Mystery CrateEdit

Cost: Cash-icon 45 Cash

Mystery Crate Rewards
Sports Mystery Crate-icon Half-Pipe House-icon Red Card Residence-icon Fencing School-icon Big Play Brewery-icon
Sports Mystery Crate Half-Pipe House Red Card Residence Fencing School Big Play Brewery