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Solar Mall 3
Solar Mall 3-icon
Image © Zynga
Requirements:XP-icon Level 20
Materials:Compost Bin-viral 15× Compost Bin
Shopping Bag-icon 15× Shopping Bag
25px 15× Bike Rack
Solar Panel2-viral 15× Solar Panel
Light Bulb2-viral 15× Light Bulb
Upgraded Cap.:5

See also: Solar Mall and Solar Mall 2

The Solar Mall 3 is a 8×4 business storage building available in CityVille. The Solar Mall 3 can store and produce revenue from up to 15 stores at once. It has the added bonus of requiring less energy when collecting from a large group of stores inside it. It will store any business that the original Mall does. Which is almost all of them.

The third level gives a total 15% payout bonus to the businesses stored in it. Visiting neighbors clicking on the mall will each add another 5% payout, up to 15%. It has a storage capacity of 5 businesses, making a of total 15 slots.

It works just like the Mall and is affected only by mall decorations.

This mall is first given for free as part of the Saving Energy-icon Saving Energy goal.

Hammer-icon Materials Edit

Gather parts to complete your Solar Mall

Cash-icon ?? Cash to Buy All

Solar Mall Level 3-SW

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