Silent Rob
Silent Rob
Silent Rob Caught

Silent Rob is one of the bandits in CityVille added with the expansion of the Police station: Level 3.


"I have the right to remain silent! I'm climbing the invisible ladder to the top of the crime world!"


To capture a bandit, first collect rent from any of your businesses. When collecting rent from a business, you have a 20% chance of having a bandit appear. He or she will appear in your city near the business they robbed and walk around the same way the citizens appear except they also have a small box over their head. Click this box to capture them.

Police Station Level 6 and below: requires 3 officiers on patrol, Donuts-doober 3 Donuts


Icon Wall Post
Silent Rob-feed Bandit Bulletin: Player Captures Silent Rob!
Player finally stopped the charade and put Silent Rob behind bars. This is one box he won't be able to get out of. Celebrate with a donut!


Capturing Silent Rob will reward you with Red Gems worth Coins-icon 800 Coins and a Silent Rob (collectible) for the Henchmen Collection. A Mime House is rewarded to those with a Police Station below Level 7. The Mime House can be sold for 900,000 coins by placing it (but not building) and clicking it with the bulldozer tool.


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