The Shopping Cart may refer to:

Retail CollectionEdit

Shopping Cart
Shopping Cart-icon
Image © Zynga
Viral Information
Collect From: Buildings

The Shopping Cart is an item needed to complete the Retail Collection. There is a 3% chance of obtaining this item while collecting from the Tofu Burger-icon Tofu Burger, Bella B Store-icon Bella B Store, and City Supermarket-icon City Supermarket.

Having one of these is also required to complete the Out of Town Birds!-icon Out of Town Birds! Goal.

European Civic CenterEdit

Shopping Cart
Shopping Cart 2-viral
Image © Zynga
Viral Information
Type:Direct Friend Request
Reset Time:4 hours
Expiration Time:48 hours
Cash:Cash-icon 5 Cash each
Host Reward:Shopping Cart 2-viral Shopping Cart
(Max: 5)
Help Reward:Shopping Cart 2-viral Shopping Cart
(Max: 8)
Inv. Limit:20

The Shopping Cart is an item needed to complete the European Civic Center-icon European Civic Center.

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