September 2011: release notes of additions/improvements and fixes in CityVille of this month.

September 1Edit

CityVille Update: September 1st 2011

September 2Edit

CityVille Update: September 2nd 2011
  • Added new goals:
  • Introduced the Summer Blowout Sale
    • Some of your favorite items will be available for coin price, discounted, and we will be introducing new items to the Build Menu. We will also be adding Permit and Energy Bundles.
  • Implemented XP-icon Double XP when visiting Neighbors until September 6th at 12:00 PM PDT.
  • Fixes:
    • Resolved the Lobby Support 2 issue with inviting your friends.

September 3Edit

CityVille Update: September 3rd 2011
  • Temporarily turned off Summer Blowout Sale due to technical issues.
  • Sale extended until September 6th at 6PM PDT.

September 4Edit

CityVille Update: September 4th 2011

September 6Edit

CityVille Update: September 6th 2011

September 7Edit

CityVille Update: September 7th 2011

September 8Edit

CityVille Update: September 8th 2011
  • Added more Sports Event content
  • Added new goals:
  • Fixes:
    • Added Landmarks and Wonders back into the Build Menu.
    • Resolved the City Port OOS issue.
    • Released a fix to resolve the Neighbor Visiting loading issues players were encountering.
    • Fixed the small font issue players were encountering upon load into CityVille.
    • Resolved error caused by clicking on Wonder Goals before accessing Tonga Tower Goal.

September 9Edit

CityVille Update: September 9th 2011
  • Special (09/09-09/11):
    • This weekend only, get XP-icon 3x XP when visiting neighbors!

September 11Edit

CityVille Update: September 11th 2011

September 12Edit

CityVille Update: September 12th 2011

September 13Edit

CityVille Update: September 13th 2011
  • Released new event:
  • Fixes:
    • Added multiple changes to increase performance.
    • Added minor animation optimizations.

September 14Edit

CityVille Update: September 14th 2011

September 15Edit

CityVille Update: September 15th 2011

September 16 Edit

CityVille Update: September 16th 2011

September 17 Edit

CityVille Update: September 17th 2011

September 18 Edit

CityVille Update: September 18th 2011

September 19 Edit

CityVille Update: September 19th 2011
  • Added new businesses:
  • New feature:
    • Introduced Gardens into CityVille. This feature is available to players XP-icon Level  21+.
  • Re-introduced the Spanish Content into the Build Menu.
  • Added the ability to share your achievements in the Facebook Ticker.

September 21 Edit

CityVille Update: September 21st 2011

September 22 Edit

CityVille Update: September 22nd 2011

September 23 Edit

CityVille Update: September 23th 2011
  • Made a few changes to accepting through the Zynga Message Center.
  • Implemented the VIP gifting functionality for the weekend.
  • Introduced the ability of Neighborhoods to count towards home collection quest requirements.
  • Made multiple changes to Gardens:
    • Reduction of cost for the Peach Rose.
    • Increase in AOE bonus payouts from Gardens.
  • Re-added the Russian Hall-icon Russian Hall to the Build Menu.
  • Fixes:
    • Resolved an issue with the Neighbor Bar floating in the middle in the screen.
    • Temporarily adjusted the timer on the Surf 'N Shop to give players more time to redeem Shells-viral Shells.
    • Credited the Sailboat decoration to eligible players due to recent issues with Outdoor Fishing Goal completion.

September 25 Edit

CityVille Update: September 25th 2011

September 26 Edit

CityVille Update: September 26th 2011

September 27 Edit

CityVille Update: September 27th 2011
  • Added more Metropolis content into the build menu.
  • Fixes:
    • Fixed the arrow pointing to appropriate building in your city.
    • Corrected the page players receive when accepting Hotel VIP requests.
    • Potentially resolved the OOS issue with the Song Bird Pet Shop-icon Song Bird Pet Shop.
    • Implemented a fix for the Tonga Tower and Casino. Players will now be able to check into this restaurant when it is ready to harvest.

September 28 Edit

CityVille Update: September 28th 2011

September 29 Edit

CityVille Update: September 29th 2011
  • Added the timer back to the Surf 'N Shop.
  • Introduced a sneak peek of the upcoming Enrique Iglesias Event.
  • Fixes:
    • Fixed the issue where Mystery Gifts were not showing the item that was opened in the Zynga Social Center. Introduced a new option to allow players to view the contents of their Mystery Gifts.
    • Resolved the goods and coins in your inventory issue.

September 30 Edit

CityVille Update: September 30th 2011

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