Run For Governor
Run For Governor-icon
Image © Zynga
Goal Information
RequirementsXP-icon Level 50
Release DateSeptember 8, 2011
DescriptionClownGate '11 has rocked CityVille and now it's up to you to win over all 9 groups of voters and become Governor!
Act 1: The People
Farmers • Small Businesses • Families
Act 2: Special Interests
Nature Enthusiasts • Students • Monsters
Act 3: Big Business
Salvador • Bella • Vance
ItemStatue of Liberty-icon Statue of Liberty
Goal Completion
DescriptionThe votes are in and Krunsch is out! You're the new Governor!
Coins ShareCoins-icon 250 Coins
Goods ShareGoods-icon 20 Goods

The Run For Governor is a game-wide goal Saga in CityVille that requires the completion of a series of 9 quest lines to earn the grand prize of the Statue of Liberty Wonder. According to Zynga Customer Support, this goal will never expire.

Note: If the goal icon disappears, go to the Build menu, then Wonders and click on info for the Statue of Liberty, it will return you to the Goal.

Run For Governor All Acts

Act 1: The PeopleEdit

Reward: City Square
City Square-icon

Feast or Famine Questline Farmer Questline

Feast Or Famine-icon Feast Or Famine Creating A Buzz-icon Creating A Buzz Farmer Charmer-icon Farmer Charmer
XP-icon 60 XP Coins-icon 3,000 Coins Mega Silo-icon Mega Silo
Good luck with the election! If you don't become Governor, you'll have a job on my farm waitin' fer ya!
— Completing Part 1

Toy Maker Questline Toy Maker Questline

All Wound Up-icon All Wound Up Toy Chest Pains-icon Toy Chest Pains Joy Story-icon Joy Story
Coins-icon 2,800 Coins Goods-icon 1,400 Goods XP-icon 400 XP
Good luck with the election! If you win, maybe I'll name a doll after you!
— Completing Part 2

The Stumpfords-icon Family Questline

It's All Relative-icon It's All Relative Extra Credit-icon Extra Credit Parental Advisory-icon Parental Advisory
XP-icon 85 XP XP-icon 500 XP Mega Nail Salon-icon Mega Nail Salon
Good luck with the election! Don't forget to thank us in your acceptance speech!
— Completing Part 3

You made quite the impression on these citizens! But you'll need more support if you think you're going to beat Krunsch!
— Completing Act 1


Feed quest complete generic City is excited about how its new City Square is shaping up!

Player held auditions for the City Square Dancers earlier today. Apparently, they're the only person in town who has a passion for square dancing.

Act 2: Special InterestsEdit

Reward: Capitol Rotunda
Capitol Rotunda-icon

Zookeeper Karen 2-icon Nature Questline

When Nature Calls-icon When Nature Calls Juiced Up-icon Juiced Up Down To Earth-icon Down To Earth
Energy-icon 8 Energy Goods-icon 840 Goods EV Charging Station-icon EV Charging Station
Good luck with the election! Being Governor is going to be second nature to you!
— Completing Part 1

Stan-icon Student Questline

Student Election-icon Student Election Life Of The Party-icon Life Of The Party Like A Boss-icon Like A Boss Farm Hand-icon Farm Hand
Energy-icon 14 Energy Coins-icon 6,400 Coins Goods-icon 3,200 Goods XP-icon 500 XP
Good luck with the election! You've inspired me to change my major to political science!
— Completing Part 2

Vlad The Vampire-icon Monster Questline

The Fright Stuff-icon The Fright Stuff Zombie Nation-icon Zombie Nation Going To Bat-icon Going To Bat Cat Got Your Tongue?-icon Cat Got Your Tongue?
Energy-icon 14 Energy Goods-icon 1,500 Goods Coins-icon 3,200 Coins XP-icon 250 XP
Blood Mobile-icon Blood Mobile
Good luck with the election! Take our advice and go knock 'em dead!
— Completing Part 3

The Special Interest Groups are delivering support to your campaign! But beating Krunsch is going to be serious business!
— Completing Act 2


Feed city park City is rounding out its landmark collection with the Capitol Rotunda!

Player embarrassed themselves on the Capitol Rotunda tour when they asked the tour guide if the marble dome was retractable.

Act 3: Big BusinessEdit

Reward: Liberty Monument
Liberty Monument-icon

Salvador 2-icon Salvador Questline

High Roller-icon High Roller Photo Finish-icon Photo Finish Let It Ride-icon Let It Ride Growing Pains-icon Growing Pains
Salvador's-icon Salvador's Horse Racing Track-icon Horse Racing Track XP-icon 1,000 XP
Goods-icon 5,000 Goods
Luxury Shopping Centre-icon Luxury Shopping Centre
Salvador's is packed every night, thanks to you! Don't ever hesitate to ask me for a favor. I mean it.
— Completing Part 1

Bella Bennett 2-icon Bella Questline

Household Name-icon Household Name In Record Time-icon In Record Time Star Power-icon Take A Bow Triple Threat-icon Triple Threat
Bella's Penthouse-icon Bella's Penthouse Recording Studio-icon Recording Studio Bella With Fan-icon Bella With Fan Bella B Store-icon Bella B Store
If governors have understudies, let me know! I'd be happy to take over for you!
— Completing Part 2

Vance-icon Vance Questline

Healthy Habit-icon Healthy Habit Case Closed-icon Case Closed Out Of Your League-icon Out Of Your League Pecking Order-icon Pecking Order
Charity Medical-icon Charity Medical Valor Industries-icon Valor Industries Suspicious Meeting-icon Suspicious Meeting Valor Mansion-icon Valor Mansion
If governors have understudies, let me know! I'd be happy to take over for you!
— Completing Part 3

The Big Business are delivering support to your campaign! But beating Krunsch is going to be serious business!
— Completing Act 3

Completion ShareEdit

CVgovRun completionFeed City wins the Election!

Player won in a landslide and is getting sworn in as Governor!


Act 1
Run for Governor this Election Season! Dream Big! Take a chance and get elected today.

Act 2
Captain Krunsch may have lost the first round, but he's back looking for more votes! Can you appease special interest groups and win their votes?

On Completion of Act 2
"Can you crush Krunsch and send him crying one more time?!"

Act 3
Spend some time with city's big spenders or it will cost you the election!


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