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Rocket Ship Ride
Rocket Ship Ride-icon
Image © Zynga
RequirementsStreet Carnival
CostCarnival Ticket-doober 400 Tickets
or Cash-icon 360 Cash
Sell forCoins-icon 0 Coins
ConstructionEnergy-icon 10 Energy
SuppliesGoods-icon 500 Goods
EarningsCoins-icon 2,800 Coins
EfficiencyCoins-icon 5.6 Coins per Goods-icon Good

The Rocket Ship Ride is a 4×4 sized business available in CityVille. It is part of the Street Carnival Event.

It costs Carnival Ticket-doober 400 Tickets to buy and takes Energy-icon 10 Energy to build. Supplying it consumes Goods-icon 500 Goods. Collecting from it earns Coins-icon 2,800 Coins. This business cannot be franchised.

Selling it before (or after) completion does not earn any coins.

The Rocket Ship Ride-icon Rocket Ship Ride has an efficiency of 5.6 coins per good.

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