Rita's Country Home
Rita's Country Home-icon
Image © Zynga
Requirement:XP-icon Level 1
Cost:Coins-icon 0 Coins
Sell for:Coins-icon 1 Coins
Collection:Rural Collection
Rent:Coins-icon 10 Coins every 5 minutes
Min Pop:Population-icon 20 Population
Max Pop:Population-icon 30 Population
Population Upgrades
Upgrades:Small moving truck 10 Bonus Population

Rita's Country Home is a unique version of the Country Home and is available to the player when they first create a CityVille account. It shares the exact same exterior as the Country Home, but has a maximum population of 30 instead of 50. Also when collecting rent, it gives out collectibles from the Rural Collection instead of the Peaceful Living Collection.

This Family Residence can be stored in the following Neighborhoods:

Farmer Rita is the farmer of CityVille, and she is in charge of giving out farm & crop related goals to help guide the player throughout the game.

Collecting BonusesEdit

85%Coins-icon 10 Coins
8%Coins-icon 10 Coins
Coins-icon 3 Coins
5%Coins-icon 10 Coins
Coins-icon 5 Coins
2%Coins-icon 10 Coins
Coins-icon 10 Coins
85%XP-icon 1 XP
15%2XP-icon 2 XP
10%Energy-icon 1 Energy
3%Fireplace-icon Fireplace
3%Leather Couch-icon Leather Couch
3%Quilt-icon Quilt
3%BBQ-icon BBQ
3%Dining Table-icon Dining Table

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