RewardVille is a part of the Zynga universe. It is a cross promotional feature that encourages players to play more Zynga Games. Players earn zPoints to raise zLevels and get zCoins to unlock and exchange for exclusive items. These special CityVille themed items can only be obtained via RewardVille. After you claim the item, it can be found in your inventory.

When you join RewardVille, you get the Day Care Center as a free gift.

The Lamp Store is now available in the Build Menu for Coins-icon 10,000 Coins, after it is unlocked by completing the Get The Dam Working-icon Get The Dam Working. The DVD Rental Store can be obtained as a possible reward from a Ruby Mystery Gift-icon Ruby Mystery Gift. Other RewardVille items may also be available from the Ruby Mystery Gift.

On December 5, 2012, Zynga closed RewardVille.

RewardVille Closed


See item's individual page for more information.

Item Name Cost Unlock Type Other Information
Day Care Center-icon Day Care Center 000000000000000001001st for Free
ZCoin-icon 100 zCoins
00000000000000000040ZLevel-icon 1 zLevel
ZLevel-icon 40 zLevel
Community Building Allows Population-icon 450 Population
Zoning Permit-Zynga-icon Zoning Permit 00000000000000000062ZCoin-icon 62 zCoins 00000000000000000010ZLevel-icon 10 zLevel Zoning Permit /
Panda Bush Sculpture-icon Panda Bush Sculpture 00000000000000000024ZCoin-icon 24 zCoins 00000000000000000002ZLevel-icon 2 zLevel Decoration 4% Payout
Pretzel Food Cart-icon Pretzel Food Cart 00000000000000000018ZCoin-icon 18 zCoins 00000000000000000002ZLevel-icon 2 zLevel Decoration 1% Payout
Lamp Post 2-icon Lamp Post 00000000000000000016ZCoin-icon 16 zCoins 00000000000000000003ZLevel-icon 3 zLevel Decoration 1% Payout
City Billboard-icon City Billboard 00000000000000000096ZCoin-icon 96 zCoins 00000000000000000030ZLevel-icon 30 zLevel Decoration 3% Payout
Water Tower-icon Water Tower 00000000000000000080ZCoin-icon 80 zCoins 00000000000000000040ZLevel-icon 40 zLevel Decoration 9% Payout
Old Frontier House-icon Old Frontier House 00000000000000000077ZCoin-icon 77 zCoins 00000000000000000030ZLevel-icon 30 zLevel Decoration 9% Payout
News Stand-icon News Stand 00000000000000000072ZCoin-icon 72 zCoins 00000000000000000020ZLevel-icon 20 zLevel Decoration 2% Payout
Modern Sculpture 01-icon Modern Sculpture 01 00000000000000000064ZCoin-icon 64 zCoins 00000000000000000030ZLevel-icon 30 zLevel Decoration 2% Payout
Brown Spotted Cow-icon Brown Spotted Cow 00000000000000000058ZCoin-icon 58 zCoins 00000000000000000020ZLevel-icon 20 zLevel Decoration 1% Payout
Black Goat-icon Black Goat 00000000000000000048ZCoin-icon 48 zCoins 00000000000000000010ZLevel-icon 10 zLevel Decoration 1% Payout
Tan City Wall-icon Tan City Wall 00000000000000000048ZCoin-icon 48 zCoins 00000000000000000020ZLevel-icon 20 zLevel Decoration 2% Payout
Brown Spotted Dog-icon Brown Spotted Dog 00000000000000000039ZCoin-icon 39 zCoins 00000000000000000010ZLevel-icon 10 zLevel Decoration 1% Payout
Yellow Flower Patch-icon Yellow Flower Patch 00000000000000000032ZCoin-icon 32 zCoins 00000000000000000010ZLevel-icon 10 zLevel Decoration 1% Payout
Clock Tower-icon Clock Tower 00000000000000000130ZCoin-icon 130 zCoins 00000000000000000050ZLevel-icon 50 zLevel Decoration 4% Payout
Jeans Store-icon Jeans Store 00000000000000000120ZCoin-icon 120 zCoins 00000000000000000040ZLevel-icon 40 zLevel Business Earns Coins-icon 473 Coins,
Supply Goods-icon 105 Goods
DVD Rental Store-icon DVD Rental Store 00000000000000000120ZCoin-icon 120 zCoins 00000000000000000050ZLevel-icon 50 zLevel Business Earns Coins-icon 493 Coins,
Supply Goods-icon 110 Goods
Lamp Store-icon Lamp Store 00000000000000000110ZCoin-icon 110 zCoins 00000000000000000050ZLevel-icon 50 zLevel Business Earns Coins-icon 512 Coins,
Supply Goods-icon 115 Goods
Coastal Rowhouse-icon Coastal Rowhouse 00000000000000000120ZCoin-icon 120 zCoins 00000000000000000060ZLevel-icon 60 zLevel Housing Population-icon 100-200 Population
Downtown Flat-icon Downtown Flat 00000000000000000140ZCoin-icon 140 zCoins 00000000000000000060ZLevel-icon 60 zLevel Housing Population-icon 120-240 Population
Skyrise Heights-icon Skyrise Heights 00000000000000000160ZCoin-icon 160 zCoins 00000000000000000060ZLevel-icon 60 zLevel Housing Population-icon 140-280 Population
Stepped Skyscraper-icon Stepped Skyscraper 00000000000000000200ZCoin-icon 200 zCoins 00000000000000000070ZLevel-icon 70 zLevel Housing Population-icon 220-460 Population

Limited Edition Rewards Edit

No longer available.

Item Name Cost Unlock Type Other Information
Gaga Gyrosphere-icon Gaga Gyrosphere ZCoin-icon 72 zCoins ZLevel-icon 1 zLevel Decoration 6% Payout

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