Remodel HQ 2
Remodel HQ 2-icon
Image © Zynga
Requirements:Remodel HQ
Completion:Hammer (remodel)-viralHammer
Power Drill-icon 6× Power Drill
Paint Roller-icon 6× Paint Roller
Ladder-viral 6× Ladder
Allows: Population-icon 400 Population

See also: Remodel HQ, Remodel HQ 3

The Remodel HQ 2 is an upgrade of the Remodel HQ. It unlocks after player collects rent from Remodel HQ. It requires 24 materials to upgrade. When completed, your population cap is raised by an additional 200, for a total of 400.

Harvesting provides 250 coins and a small chance for extra energy, sometimes as much as Energy-icon 10 Energy.

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