Rainbow Duct Tape-icon

Rainbow Duct Tape is an item that can be used to help complete various buildings. If you have enough you can use it to complete a structure. The Rainbow Part Center drops it and allows you to carry more Rainbow Duct Tape in your inventory. The inventory maximum is 5, with a Level 5 Center, unless you pay City Cash to buy a bundle.

If you have enough Rainbow Tape, you'll see the blue button showing the Cash amount needed turn to a green button that says Finish. This will only happen on structure where you have enough Tape to finish the project.

It can be bought for Cash-icon 8 Cash each, Cash-icon 76 Cash for 10, Cash-icon 740 Cash for a bundle of 100 or an astounding Cash-icon 6,400 Cash for 1,000.

Finish Button

Rainbow Part Center Menu

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