Private Jets run routes from the Airport and trade goods for various items. With no Mastery levels, each route can pay up to Coins-icon 2,684 Coins, Premium Goods-icon 400 Premium Goods, Energy-icon 3 Energy and 1 Zoning Permit-doober Zoning Permit. Each level of route Mastery adds more rewards. If a V.I.P. is brought back there's a special bonus to your city. The type of bonus depends on the route. V.I.P. appearances are random.

All planes take Energy-icon 2 Energy to unload.

Each time you send private jets out, you must choose a destination. Repeatedly collecting from the same route gives you mastery levels. Getting to 3 stars on a route will give you a reward item. Refer to the chart for route and reward information.

According to Zynga's Board all planes may now be stored in the Warehouse.

Private JetsEdit

Image Name Cost Sells For Required Bonus
Skywing Jet-SW Skywing Jet Coins-icon 100,000 Coins Coins-icon 5,000 Coins Private Jet Terminal-icon Private Jet Terminal None
Time Pigeon Jet-SW Time Pigeon Jet Cash-icon 50 Cash / Private Jet Terminal +20%

Flight DestinationsEdit

Image Route Cost Passenger V.I.P. Bonus Flight Time Full Mastery Reward
Buenos Aires Charter-icon Buenos Aires Charter Goods-icon 250 Goods Ronaldo The Rancher-icon Bonus Goods from Water Crop Harvests 4 hours Estancia-icon Estancia
Cannes Charter-icon Cannes Charter Goods-icon 300 Goods Bella Bennett 2-icon Bonus Population from Residences 4 hours Cannes Mansion-icon Cannes Mansion
Dubai Charter-icon Dubai Charter Goods-icon 350 Goods Special Agent Adrian-icon Bonus Coins from Residences 4 hours Sunrise Highrise-icon Sunrise Highrise
Geneva Charter-icon Geneva Charter Goods-icon 250 Goods Dr. Noggenbender 2-icon Bonus Goods from Ships and Cargo Planes 4 hours Large Hadron Collider-icon Large Hadron Collider
Hong Kong Charter-icon Hong Kong Charter Goods-icon 200 Goods Jin The Executive-icon Bonus Coins from Businesses 4 hours Executive Tower-icon Executive Tower
Tokyo Charter-icon Tokyo Charter Goods-icon 300 Goods Ronaldo The Rancher-icon Bonus Goods from Crop Harvests 4 hours Hydroponic Mansion-icon Hydroponic Mansion
Washington D.C. Charter-icon Washington D.C. Charter Goods-icon 150 Goods Special Agent Adrian-icon More Coins from Community Buildings 4 hours Government Monument-icon Government Monument

Private Jet StatesEdit

Empty Loaded
Time Pigeon Jet-SW Time Pigeon Jet-Loaded

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