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Photo Finish!
Photo Finish!-icon
Image © Zynga
Goal Information
RequirementsXP-icon Level 32
DescriptionOoh, I love rubbing elbows with famous people! Let's take some photos so we can show our friends!
Mission fromSusie
Famous Photo-viralCollect 15 Famous Photos from friends
(Cash-icon 45 Cash)
Have of coinsCollect from Regatta Drive 20 times
(Cash-icon 100 Cash)
Airplane iconCollect from 20 Cargo Planes
(Cash-icon 20 Cash)
ItemPortia the Reporter
Goal Completion
DescriptionI absolutely adore that dog of yours! It's adorable! Name your price! I can't live without it!
It's In The Bag!-icon It's In The Bag! Photo Finish!-icon Photo Finish!

Photo Finish! is a Downtown goal in CityVille.

Susie says: "Now that Regatta Drive is a hot spot, a lot of celebrities are hanging around! Let's go for a walk and try to spot them!"


Feed downtown susie City is driving a hard bargain on Regatta Drive!

Player found a lot of sales down on Regatta Drive. Now if they could find a lot of money, they might be able to take advantage of them.

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