Penelope the Poodle
Penelope the Poodle
Penelope the Poodle Rescued

Penelope the Poodle is one of the Doggies in CityVille of the Doggie Rescue Center 2.


"I hope you rescue me soon because I'm badly in need of a pedicure."


To rescue Doggie, first collect rent from any of your Housing. To rescue this pup you must have your Doggie Rescue Center upgraded to Level 2. When collecting rent from a housing, you have a ?% chance of having a Doggie appear. She will appear in your city near the housing. Click this box to rescue her.

To rescue Penelope the Poodle, 5 Doggie Lovers need to be on duty, meaning you need to replenish at least Doggie Treats-icon 5x Doggie Treats.


Icon Wall Post
Penelope the Poodle-feed Player won best in show by rescuing Penelope the Poodle! Celebrate with a Doggie Treat!


Rescuing Penelope the Poodle will reward you with the Grooming Parlor-icon Grooming Parlor and Poodle (collectible) for the Doggie Rescue Collection.

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