New Year's Resolutions 2012
New Year's Resolutions 2012-icon
Image © Zynga
Goal Information
RequirementsXP-icon Level 10
Release DateJanuary 5, 2012
DescriptionWhat's your New Year's Resolution in your City? Choose one or more from below and your city will be healthier, greener, and wiser in 2012.
Mission fromVance
Resolution 1: Help Others
Resolution 2: Live Healthier
Resolution 3: Go Green

New Year's Resolutions 2012 is a goal saga in CityVille that contains 3 resolution questlines. Each completed goal within a questline upgrades the corresponding building. You can work on all 3 at the same time and in any order. There is no reward for completing all 3 resolutions.

New Year Resolutions

These goals need to be completed by February 29, 2012.

Resolution 1: Help OthersEdit

Let's Help Others!-icon Let's Help Others! Help Your Neighbors!-icon Help Your Neighbors! Help Wanted!-icon Help Wanted!
Boys and Girls Center 2-icon Boys and Girls Center 3-icon Boys and Girls Center 4-icon
Boys and Girls Center
Level 2
Boys and Girls Center
Level 3
Boys and Girls Center
Level 4

Resolution 2: Live Healthier Edit

Get Healthier-icon Get Healthier Swimming Lessons-icon Swimming Lessons Match Point-icon Match Point
Health Complex Level 2-icon
Health Complex Level 2
Health Complex Level 3-icon
Health Complex Level 3
Health Complex-icon
Health Complex Level 4

Resolution 3: Go Green Edit

Let's Go Green!-icon Let's Go Green! Take Out The Trash!-icon Take Out The Trash! Put Down Roots!-icon Put Down Roots!
Common Green 2-icon Common Green 3-icon Common Green 4-icon
Common Green
Level 2
Common Green
Level 3
Common Green
Level 4


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