Mystery Crate-icon
The Mystery Crate is a box purchased with City Cash that contains 4 limited edition items, and is only available for a short time period in CityVille. Special mystery crates are released to coincide with certain Event celebrations.

You can find the Mystery Crate in the Build Menu under NEW. You will be able to place your reward after earning it or finding it in your inventory.

It first became available on June 16th, 2011, and was scheduled to be removed on June 22nd, 2011. But was then extended to June 29th, 2011. The original crate costs Cash-icon 40 Cash and a chance to earn: Founder's Building, Greasy Spoon, Movie Star House, and the Roller Rink.


25%Movie Star House-icon Movie Star House
(Value: Cash-icon 55 Cash)
37.5%Greasy Spoon-icon Greasy Spoon
(Value: Cash-icon 45 Cash)
28.125%Founder's Building-icon Founder's Residence
(Value: Cash-icon 70 Cash)
9.375%Roller Rink-icon Roller Rink
(Value: Cash-icon 40 Cash)
10%Discovery Aquarium-icon Discovery Aquarium
(Value: Cash-icon 90 Cash)
36%Beachside Suites-icon Beachside Suites
(Value: Cash-icon 35 Cash)
37.8%Swimming Pool-icon Swimming Pool
(Value: Cash-icon 25 Cash)
16.2%Extreme Sports Store-icon Extreme Sports Store
(Value: Cash-icon 33 Cash)


Mystery Crate Rewards
Bastille Day Mystery Crate-icon Parisian Apartment-icon Provence House-icon Corsican Loft-icon French Bakery-icon
Bastille Day Mystery Crate Parisian Apartment Provence House Corsican Loft French Bakery
Mystery Crate Rewards
Brazil Mystery Crate-icon Contemporary Condo-icon Amazon Adobe-icon Sunrise Rentals-icon Iguazu Falls-icon
Brazilian Mystery Crate Contemporary Condo Amazon Abode Sunrise Rentals Iguazu Falls
Mystery Crate Rewards
Uk mystery crate icon London Palace-icon Scottish Castle-icon Twee Terrace-icon Chippy Shop-icon
British Mystery Crate London Palace Scottish Castle Twee Terrace Chippy Shop
Mystery Crate Rewards

Spain mystery crate-icon

Alcazar Castle-icon

Aragon Apartments-icon Galicia Tower-icon Tapas Restaurant-icon
Spanish Mystery Crate Alcazar Castle Aragon Apartments Galicia Tower Tapas Restaurant
Mystery Crate Rewards
Tiki Mystery Crate-icon Kauhuhu Mansion-icon Polynesian Pool House-icon Tonga Room-icon Leilani Volcano-icon
Tiki Mystery Crate Kauhuhu Mansion Polynesian Pool House Tonga Room Leilani Volcano
Mystery Crate Rewards
Greek mystery crate-icon Pantheon-icon Stathatos Mansion-icon Club Monaco-icon Villa Galifianakis-icon
Greek Mystery Crate Pantheon Stathatos Mansion Club Monaco Villa Galifianakis
Mystery Crate Rewards
Circus mystery crate-icon Carousel Cottage-icon Clown Alley-icon The Far Out Freak Show-icon Animal House-icon
Circus Mystery Crate Carousel Cottage Clown Alley The Far Out Freak Show Animal House

Mystery Crate


Farm mystery crate-icon Cow Ranch-icon Antebellum Home-icon Oaty Oats Factory-icon Ingram House-icon
Farm Mystery Crate Cow Ranch Antebellum Home Oaty Oats Factory Ingram House
Mystery Crate Rewards
Sports Mystery Crate-icon Half-Pipe House-icon Red Card Residence-icon Fencing School-icon Big Play Brewery-icon
Sports Mystery Crate Half-Pipe House Red Card Residence Fencing School Big Play Brewery
Mystery Crate Rewards
Mexico Mystery Crate-icon Morelos Fort-icon Hacienda De Dolores-icon Guerrero Residence-icon House of Churros-icon
Mexico Mystery Crate Morelos Fort Hacienda De Delores Guerrero Residence House of Churros
Mystery Crate Rewards
Russian Mystery Crate-icon Russian Hall-icon Simcovich Apartments-icon Alexandrov Apartments-icon Balalaika Shop-icon
Russian Mystery Crate Russian Hall Simcovich Apartments Alexandrov Apartments Balalaika Shop
Mystery Crate Rewards
Metropolis Mystery Crate-icon Infinite Towers II-icon Visual Art Academy-icon Oasis Apartments I-icon Destiny's Calling-icon
Metropolis Mystery Crate Infinite Towers II Visual Art Academy Oasis Apartments I Destiny's Calling
Mystery Crate Rewards
Eco Mystery Crate-icon Sunrise High Rises-icon Recycled Art Museum-icon Adobe Apartments-icon Tree Nursery-icon
Eco Mystery Crate Sunrise High Rises Recycled Art Museum Adobe Apartments Tree Nursery
Mystery Crate Rewards
Mystery Crate-icon McCormick Maple Farm-icon Winchester Manor-icon Turkey Fryer Townhouse-icon Hickory House-icon
Fall Mystery Crate McCormick
Maple Farm
Turkey Fryer
Hickory House
Mystery Crate Rewards
Winter Mystery Crate-icon Ginger Tower-icon Frozen Water Mill-icon Holiday Tree Lot-icon Gingerbread House-icon
Mystery Crate Ginger Tower Frozen Water Mill Holiday Tree Lot Gingerbread House
Mystery Crate Rewards
Business Mystery Crate-icon Day Spa-icon Kitchen Remodel Store-icon Brewery-icon Jewelry Store 2-icon
Downtown Business Crate Day Spa Kitchen Remodel Store Brewery Jewelry Store
Mystery Crate Rewards
Residence Mystery Crate-icon Convention Center-icon Classic Victorian-icon Luxury Apartments-icon Downtown Hospital-icon
Downtown Population Crate Convention Center Classic Victorian Luxury Apartments Downtown Hospital

Old FavoritesEdit

Chance to get past event themed items from Mystery Crates.

  • German Mystery Crate (Cost: Cash-icon 20 Cash)
Mystery Crate Rewards
German mystery crate-icon Outdoor Hall-icon Orange Fachwerk-icon Pink Fachwerk-icon Green Fachwerk-icon
German Mystery Crate Outdoor Hall Orange Fachwerk Pink Fachwerk Green Fachwerk
  • Italian Mystery Crate (Cost: Coins-icon 6,000 Coins)

These items are still available in the Build Menu, but getting them from the Mystery Crate would be at a discounted price.

Mystery Crate Rewards
Italian mystery crate-icon Alley-icon Alleyway-icon Milan Apartments-icon Tuscan Villa-icon
Italy Mystery Crate Alley Alleyway Milan Apartments Tuscan Villa
  • San Francisco Mystery Crate (Cost: Cash-icon 25 Cash)
Mystery Crate Rewards
San francisco mystery crate-icon Lambert Street-icon Cable Car Restaurant-icon Union Square-icon Coit Tower-icon
San Francisco Mystery Crate Lambert Street Cable Car Restaurant Union Square Coit Tower


  • Mystery Crate Announcement
  • Prizes (In Game Screen)
  • Mystery Crate is Back
  • Bastille Day Mystery Crate!
  • Brazilian Mystery Crate!
  • British Mystery Crate!
  • Spanish Mystery Crate!
  • Tiki Mystery Crate!
  • Old Favorites are Back!
  • 25 Nov 2011 Mystery Crates are back!

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