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Monorail Station
Monorail Station-icon
Image © Zynga
Reward forMagnificent Monorail-icon Magnificent Monorail
RequirementsXP-icon Level 20
CostCoins-icon 100,000 Coins
Coins-icon 100,000 Coins
Cash-icon 180 Cash
Cash-icon 360 Cash
Sale CostCoins-icon 70,000 Coins
Coins-icon 70,000 Coins
Cash-icon 126 Cash
Cash-icon 252 Cash
ConstructionEnergy-icon 6 Energy
Level 1
MaterialsTicket Turnstile-icon 5x Ticket Turnstile
Dashboard Buttons-icon 5x Dashboard Buttons
Exit Signs-icon 5x Exit Signs
Seat Cushions-viral 5x Seat Cushions
Car Couplings-icon 5x Car Couplings
Operator Caps-icon 5x Operator Caps
SuppliesGoods-icon 80 Goods
EarningsCoins-icon 550 Coins
EfficiencyCoins-icon 6.875 Coins per Goods-icon Good
Level 2
MaterialsTicket Turnstile-icon 10x Ticket Turnstile
Dashboard Buttons-icon 10x Dashboard Buttons
Exit Signs-icon 10x Exit Signs
Seat Cushions-viral 10x Seat Cushions
Car Couplings-icon 10x Car Couplings
Operator Caps-icon 10x Operator Caps
Buy AllCash-icon 192 Cash
SuppliesGoods-icon 250 Goods
EarningsCoins-icon 1,400 Coins
EfficiencyCoins-icon 5.6 Coins per Goods-icon Good
Level 3
MaterialsTicket Turnstile-icon 20x Ticket Turnstile
Dashboard Buttons-icon 20x Dashboard Buttons
Exit Signs-icon 20x Exit Signs
Seat Cushions-viral 20x Seat Cushions
Car Couplings-icon 20x Car Couplings
Operator Caps-icon 20x Operator Caps
Buy AllCash-icon 384 Cash
SuppliesGoods-icon 330 Goods
EarningsCoins-icon 1,760 Coins
EfficiencyCoins-icon 5.333 Coins per Goods-icon Good
Level 4
MaterialsTicket Turnstile-icon 40x Ticket Turnstile
Dashboard Buttons-icon 40x Dashboard Buttons
Exit Signs-icon 40x Exit Signs
Seat Cushions-viral 40x Seat Cushions
Car Couplings-icon 40x Car Couplings
Operator Caps-icon 40x Operator Caps
Buy AllCash-icon 768 Cash
SuppliesGoods-icon 490 Goods
EarningsCoins-icon 2,500 Coins
EfficiencyCoins-icon 5.102 Coins per Goods-icon Good

The Monorail Station is a 6x3 upgradeable business in CityVille.

It is available for free when placed during the Magnificent Monorail-icon Magnificent Monorail Goal and takes Energy-icon 6 Energy to build. It requires 6 different materials to finish and to upgrade to Level 4. At Level 1, supplying it consumes Goods-icon 80 Goods and collecting from it earns Coins-icon 550 Coins, at Level 2 it consumes Goods-icon 250 Goods and earns Coins-icon 1,400 Coins, at Level 3 it consumes Goods-icon 330 Goods and earns Coins-icon 1,760 Coins, and at Level 4 it consumes Goods-icon 490 Goods and earns Coins-icon 2,500 Coins.

With the changes to how Goods are used (Premium Goods before normal Goods) for all businesses, this is one of a select few businesses that will still use normal Goods first.

This business cannot be franchised.

The Monorail Station-icon Monorail Station has an efficiency of 6.875, 5.6, 5.333, and 5.102 coins per good as it's upgraded.

Additional Monorail Station's can be bought for Coins-icon 100,000 Coins, Coins-icon 100,000 Coins, Cash-icon 180 Cash, and Cash-icon 360 Cash in this order, depending on how many are already owned.

The Monorail Station will also give a 10, 20, 30, and 40% payout boost as the level increases to the following:

Collecting BonusesEdit

85%XP-icon 1 XP
15%2XP-icon 2 XP
10%Energy-icon 1 Energy


Level 1Edit

Direction SW Direction SE
Monorail Station Level 1-SW Monorail Station Level 1-SE

Level 2Edit

Direction SW Direction SE
Monorail Station Level 2-SW Monorail Station Level 2-SE

Level 3Edit

Direction SW Direction SE
Monorail Station Level 3-SW Monorail Station Level 3-SE

Level 4Edit

Direction SW Direction SE
Monorail Station-SW Monorail Station-SE

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