Mirror Heights
Mirror Heights-icon
Image © Zynga
Requirement:XP-icon Level 50
Unlock cost:Cash-icon 40 Cash
Cost:Coins-icon 500,000 Coins
Rent (Fully Upgraded):Coins-icon 545 Coins every 24 hours
Population (Fully Upgraded)
Min Pop:Population-icon 4,500 Population
Max Pop:Population-icon 7,500 Population
Upgrades:Extra large moving truck 60 Bonus Population

The Mirror Heights is a 6x4 skyscraper residence available to players XP-icon Level 50+. The first one can be placed from the Skyscraper Residences!-icon Skyscraper Residences! goal. This building is upgradeable to house up to Population-icon 4500 Population. Rent can be collected every 24 hours. Additional Mirror Heights buildings can be purchased for Coins-icon 500,000 Coins from the Build Menu.

Upgrade to Level 6 is required to complete Skyscraper Residences!-icon Skyscraper Residences!

Removing the building will return it to your inventory. If an upgraded skyscraper was removed, when it is taken back out, it will remain in the same state as it was before removal. No energy or materials are required to rebuild.

Note: It cannot be rotated!

This building is modeled after the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Level 1Edit

Level 1 Population Rent
Mirror Heights Level 1-icon Population-icon 100-200 Population Coins-icon 322 Coins

Level 2Edit

Buy All: Cash-icon 60 Cash

Level 2 Building Materials Population Rent
Mirror Heights Level 2-icon Cement Trucks-viral
5x Cement Trucks
5x Elevators
Cast Iron Plates-icon
5x Cast Iron Plate
Population-icon 300-500 Population Coins-icon 323 Coins

Level 3Edit

Buy All: Cash-icon 48 Cash

Level 3 Building Materials Population Rent
Mirror Heights Level 3-icon Concrete Pads-icon
4x Concrete Pad
4x Gears
Steel Girder-icon
4x Steel Girder
Population-icon 500-1200 Population Coins-icon 325 Coins

Level 4Edit

Unlock Cost: Cash-icon 60 Cash

Level 3 Building Materials Population Rent
Mirror Heights Level 4-icon Elbow Pipe-icon
5x Elbow Pipe
Sky Hook-icon
5x Sky Hook
5x Drywall
Population-icon 1,200-2,000 Population Coins-icon 328 Coins

Level 5Edit

Unlock Cost: Cash-icon 96 Cash

Level 5 Building Materials Population Rent
Mirror Heights Level 5-icon Grillage-icon
8x Grillage
8x Stove
Glass Curtain Wall-icon
8x Glass Curtain Wall
Population-icon 2,000-4,400 Population Coins-icon 507 Coins

Level 6Edit

Unlock Cost: Cash-icon 180 Cash

Level 6 Building Materials Population Rent
Mirror Heights Level 6-icon Copy Fax Machine-icon
15x Copy Fax Machine
Fire Alarm-icon
15x Fire Alarm
Fluorescent Light-icon
15x Fluorescent Light
Population-icon 4,500-7,500 Population Coins-icon 545 Coins

Wonder BonusEdit

Once the house is fully upgraded, click on the building to activate the one-time 10x payout bonus. It will act like a wonder by giving citywide bonuses to:

The 900% bonus effect will run for 3 minutes and cost Cash-icon 10 Cash to get add 30 seconds to the timer and get Energy-icon 10 Energy.

Note: You can only run the 900% bonus timer only once.

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