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Lava Rock Island is a 10x10 island in CityVille. It can be placed from the A Hot Commodity!-icon A Hot Commodity! goal. Additional Lava Rock Islands can be purchased from the Build Menu for Coins-icon 471,500 Coins. Selling one is worth Coins-icon 235,750 Coins. It was released March 26, 2012.

It must be placed on an already existing water expansion. You will not get a free expansion from the goal. All Residences come with full population.

You must be XP-icon Level 47 to start the quest that allows building the Island.


Building Materials
Island Map-icon
10× Island Map
Palm Tree-icon
10× Palm Tree
Helicopter Headphones-icon
10× Helicopter Headphones
Kettle Grill-icon
10× Kettle Grill
Roof Thatch-icon
10× Roof Thatch


Once completed, Lava Rock Island will have housing, a business and a community building which will overall, increase population by 2,000 and allow Population-icon 2,500 Population, if bought from the build menu. Or it may increase population by 3,930, through the A Hot Commodity!-icon A Hot Commodity! goal (Likely it's 3,930 and the Build has a typo). The Volcano Tours business is based on time, not the number of visitors.

Community BuildingsEdit

Image Community Building Allows
Key volcano house4 SW Geological Survey Population-icon 2,500 Population


Image Name Supply Time Earnings Efficiency
Key volcano house2 SW Volcano Tours Goods-icon 395 Goods 5 minutes Coins-icon 2,045 Coins 5.18 coins per good


Image Name Population Payout
Key volcano house3 SW Tiki Hut Population-icon 2,000 Population Coins-icon 201 Coins every 8 hours
Key volcano house1 SW Island Kabana Population-icon 180 Population Coins-icon 303 Coins every 8 hours
Key volcano house5 SW Island Bungalow Population-icon 1,750 Population Coins-icon 250 Coins every 8 hours


Image Name Supply Time Payout
Energy Volcano-SW Energy Volcano Goods-icon 200 Goods 12 hours Energy-icon 4 Energy

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