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Lakefront Neighborhood
Lakefront Neighborhood-icon
Image © Zynga
Reward for:Neighborhood Watch-icon Neighborhood Watch
Construction:Energy-icon 8 Energy
Block 1
Materials:Stone Fireplace-viral 6× Stone Fireplace
Ruby Fireplace-viral 6× Ruby Fireplace
Silver Fireplace-viral 6x Silver Fireplace
Gold Fireplace-viral 6x Gold Fireplace
Fishing Boots-viral 6× Fishing Boots
Initial Capacity:2
Staff Members-icon 3 Staff Members
or Cash-icon 5 Cash each
Upgraded Capacity:5
Housing Bonus:Bonus-icon ++5%% Payout
Block 2
Materials:Stone Fireplace-viral 8× Stone Fireplace
Ruby Fireplace-viral 8× Ruby Fireplace
Silver Fireplace-viral 8x Silver Fireplace
Gold Fireplace-viral 8x Gold Fireplace
Fishing Boots-viral 8× Fishing Boots
Initial Capacity:6
Staff Members-icon 4 Staff Members
or Cash-icon 5 Cash each
Upgraded Capacity:10
Housing Bonus:Bonus-icon ++10%% Payout
Block 3
Materials:Stone Fireplace-viral 10× Stone Fireplace
Ruby Fireplace-viral 10× Ruby Fireplace
Silver Fireplace-viral 10x Silver Fireplace
Gold Fireplace-viral 10x Gold Fireplace
Fishing Boots-viral 10× Fishing Boots
Initial Capacity:10
Staff Members-icon 5 Staff Members
or Cash-icon 5 Cash each
Upgraded Capacity:15
Housing Bonus:Bonus-icon ++15%% Payout

The Lakefront Neighborhood is an 8x8 neighborhood in Lakefront CityVille. It can be placed from the Neighborhood Watch-icon Neighborhood Watch goal. It is designed to accept Lakefront Houses.

Collecting from Coin Lakefront Buildings gives only a 7% chance at finding a pair of the needed Fishing Boots. Buildings bought with City Cash have a 50% drop rate.

Currently only one Lakefront Neighborhood building can be owned. Removing this item will send it to your inventory.

Upgrades Edit

Lakefront Neighborhood Block 1 Block 2 Block 3
Lakefront Neighborhood L0 Lakefront Neighborhood L1 Lakefront Neighborhood L2 Lakefront Neighborhood L3
Required Staff: 2 free (staffed by Sam)
Staff Members-icon 3 Staff Members
1 free (staffed by Sam)
Staff Members-icon 4 Staff Members
Staff Members-icon 5 Staff Members
Total Capacity: 5 Houses 10 Houses 15 Houses
Rent Bonus: 5% 10% 15%

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