Knitting Society
Knitting Society-icon
Image © Zynga
Reward for:Holiday Town Expansion
Completion:See below
Allows: Population-icon 4,500 Population

The Knitting Society is a 4x4 Winter Community Building in CityVille during the Holiday Event (2011). It is part of the Holiday Town expansions. To unlock this building you need to expand on Mrs. Claus' Knitting Society.

Once built it allows an extra Population-icon 4,500 Population

Announce holidaytown2


Build holiday town icon MaterialsEdit

Gather parts to help build Mrs. Claus' Knitting Society

Cash-icon 120 Cash to Buy All

Master Mistletoe-icon Master CropEdit

Master Mistletoe Crop to 2 stars

Cash-icon 120 Cash to skip

Master business icon Master BusinessEdit

Upgrade an Egg Nog Shop to level 3

Cash-icon 130 Cash to skip

Collecting BonusesEdit

100%Coins-icon 250 Coins
10%Energy-icon 1 Energy
50%XP-icon 1 XP
50%2XP-icon 2 XP
Direction SW Direction SE
Knitting Society-SW Knitting Society-SE

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