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Goal Information
RequirementsXP-icon Level 35
Release DateJune 27, 2014
DescriptionIf we keep the expedition well supplied, we will surely find it!
Mission fromWorld Cup Sam-icon World Cup Sam
Beach Football-iconComplete Beach Football Stadium Level 3
Collect rent 03Collect from 50 Neighbor's residences
(Cash-icon 100 Cash)
Viral worldcupsaga beach football 64x64Ask friends for 25 Beach Footballs
(Cash-icon 75 Cash)
XPXP-icon 300 XP
GoodsGoods-icon 3,000 Goods
Goal Completion
DescriptionGOOOOAAAAAL! Beach Football is a huge hit!
Coins ShareCoins-icon 50 Coins
Mediterranean Sand-icon Mediterranean Sand Kick-Off-icon Kick-Off Discovery Castle-icon Discovery Castle

Timed Goal-icon Kick-Off is a timed game-wide goal Saga in CityVille. This is the third and final goal of Act 2 of the Brazilian Flavor-icon Brazilian Flavor Saga. Player's have until August 15, 2014 to complete the questline.

World Cup Sam says: "Line up the teams! Bring in the crowds! Let the show begin!"


Act2feed City has scored a goal!

Balls are flying around in Player's Brazilian Beach Football stadium!

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