The Jack-o-Lantern may refer to:

Halloween CropEdit

Image © Zynga
Release DateOctober 14, 2011
CostCash-icon 5 Cash
GoodsGoods-icon 450 Goods
Growing timeInstant Growth!
Wither DurationNever
Collection Collection
Mastery Star
Mastery Level 1
Requirement3 harvests
Goods BonusGoods-icon +20% Goods
Mastery Star Mastery Star
Mastery Level 2
Requirement6 harvests (9 total)
Goods BonusGoods-icon +40% Goods
Mastery Star Mastery Star Mastery Star
Mastery Level 3
Requirement6 harvests (15 total)
Goods BonusGoods-icon +60% Goods
RewardJack-o-Lantern Master

Jack-o-Lantern is a Halloween crop in CityVille. It was released as part of the Halloween Event (2011).

It costs Cash-icon 5 Cash each to buy and produces Goods-icon 450 Goods. This crop grows instantly and will never wither. Mastering this to Level 3 requires you to harvest this 15 times in total.

During the Halloween (2011) Sale-icon Halloween (2011) Sale, it costs Cash-icon 3 Cash for a savings of 40%.

Collecting BonusesEdit

85%XP-icon 1 XP
15%2XP-icon 2 XP
10%Energy-icon 1 Energy

Growth PhasesEdit

Growth Seed (0-50%) Seedling (51-99%) Fully Grown (100%)
Phases: Jack-o-Lantern Seed Jack-o-Lantern Seedling Jack-o-Lantern Fruit


Jack-o-Lantern 2-icon
Image © Zynga
Collectible Information
Collected From:Pumpkins
Collection:Pumpkin Collection
Additional Items Required
Item 1:Pumpkin Seeds-icon Pumpkin Seeds
Item 2:Pumpkin Pie-icon Pumpkin Pie
Item 3:Pumpkin Bread-icon Pumpkin Bread
Item 4:Pumpkin Juice-icon Pumpkin Juice
Reward:Energy-icon 3 Energy
XP-icon 3 XP

The Jack-o-Lantern are a collectible item needed to complete the Pumpkin Collection.

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