Icing On The Cake
Icing On The Cake-icon
Image © Zynga
Goal Information
RequirementsXP-icon Level 50
Release DateNovember 16, 2011
DescriptionWow, what a game! I still can't believe I won! Usually, your mother beats me at everything!
HintsThis is quest part 4 of 4. Complete them all for the Big Play Brewery!
Mission fromThe Stumpfords-icon The Stumpfords
Hot Wings-iconAsk for 10 Hot Wings
(Cash-icon 30 Cash)
Collect community bldg iconCollect from Community Buildings 8 times
(Cash-icon 40 Cash)
Harvest carrots iconHarvest 24 Carrot Crops
(Cash-icon 40 Cash)
ItemBig Play Brewery-icon Big Play Brewery
Goal Completion
DescriptionWell, Stumpfords, it's time to hang up our mini golf cleats! I'm lucky to have such an amazing family!
Mini Me-icon Mini Me Icing On The Cake-icon Icing On The Cake

Icing On The Cake is one of the goals in CityVille.

The Stumpford's Dad says: "Since I get to pick, let's head to the Big Play Brewery and watch the big game! You can get that carrot cake you all like!"

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