Himalaya Mountain
Himalaya Mountain-icon
Image © Zynga
Requirement:XP-icon Level 20
Grand Hotel-icon Grand Hotel
Expo Center-icon Expo Center
Grand Concert Hall-icon Grand Concert Hall
Construction:Energy-icon 0 Energy
Energy to start:Energy-icon 3 Energy
Timer:3 minutes
Maintenance:6 hours
Re-Open with:Super Map-icon 20 Super Maps

The Himalaya Mountain is an 8x8 sized Himalaya Wonder in CityVille. It is available for free and is accessable when a player is at XP-icon Level 20. Having the Grand Hotel, Expo Center, and Grand Concert Hall at Level 1 is also required.

The Himalaya Mountain gives a temporary citywide payout bonus of:

It requires Energy-icon 3 Energy to activate the bonus effect, which will last for 3 minutes. You have the option to spend Cash-icon 10 Cash to add 30 seconds to the timer and also get Energy-icon 10 Energy. During this period, the affected buildings will have sparkles around them.

In order to open the Himalaya Mountain again, you need to either wait 6 hours (as opposed to the 72 hours for all other Wonders), collect Super Map-icon 20 Super Maps by asking neighbors through wall posts, or spend Cash-icon 36 Cash.

Removing this item will return it to your inventory.

During it initial release, for 72 hours players were given the opportunity to collect twice the normal number of Climbing Rope-icon Climbing Ropes from the Himalaya Buildings with the Wonder activated. The Climbing Ropes could then be used to help climb up the mountain/Leaderboard. For every 10 ropes used, you would advance by 100 points on the Leaderboard.

Direction SW Direction SE
Himalaya Mountain-SW Himalaya Mountain-SE

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