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High School
High School-icon
Image © Zynga
Requirements:XP-icon Level 40
Unlock cost:Cash-icon 40 Cash
Cost:Coins-icon 35,000 Coins
Sell for:Coins-icon 1,750 Coins
Construction:Energy-icon 10 Energy
Completion:Marble-viral 6x Marble
City Seal-viral 6x City Seal
Building Grant-doober 6x Building Grant
Gold Plating-icon 6x Gold Plating
Ribbon-viral 6x Ribbon
Allows: Population-icon 1,100 Population
Profit:Coins-icon 250 Coins every 24 hours

The High School is a 6x6 Education and School Community Building in CityVille. It unlocks when the player reaches XP-icon Level 40.

It costs Coins-icon 35,000 Coins to buy and takes Energy-icon 10 Energy to build. It requires Marble-viral 6 Marbles, City Seal-viral City Seals, Building Grant-doober Building Grants, Gold Plating-icon Gold Platings, and Ribbon-viral Ribbons to finish. Once built, it allows an additional Population-icon 1,100 Population. Collecting rent every 24 hours earns Coins-icon 250 Coins, which is unaffected by payout boosts from decorations.

High School snow

High School with snow top.

Possible Item DropsEdit

Collecting BonusesEdit

100%Coins-icon 250 Coins
50%XP-icon 1 XP
50%XP-icon 2 XP
20%Energy-icon 1 Energy
6%Energy-icon 1 Energy
3%Energy-icon 1 Energy

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