Happiness is a factor that influences several things in the game. There are three states of happiness that can exist:

Icon Population Message
Happy Population-icon
75% or less Citizens are Happy!
Build more houses to increase your population.
Unhappy Population-icon

Citizens are Unhappy

Very Sad Population-icon
90% or greater

Citizens are Very Sad
Cannot obtain Bonus Population until population returns to <90%

A higher happiness level means businesses will be collected from faster.

Bonus Population is also possible (& chance) available in housing during collection when the happiness is at "Happy" or "Unhappy", but not during "Very Sad".

It is probable that there is a higher % chance of collecting bonus population when getting rent for happy as opposed to unhappy.

It is unknown what the actual chances of getting the bonus population are, and if they are the same for all residences. If so, residences that are collected more frequently (faster recharge times) would be able to get the bonus population faster as opposed to those that take days.

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