Green With Envy!
Green With Envy!-icon
Image © Zynga
Goal Information
RequirementsXP-icon Level 20
Release DateDecember 31, 2012
DescriptionOther cities are going to be green with envy when they find out that you have two Eternal Spring Greenhouses!
Mission fromFarmer Rita 3-icon Farmer Rita
Premium greenhouse premiumGreenhouse icon0Have 2 Eternal Spring Greenhouses
(Cash-icon 40 Cash)
Upgrade super greenhouse iconUpgrade a Eternal Spring Greenhouse to Level 3
(Cash-icon 100 Cash)
Prickly Pear-iconGet Prickly Pears to Mastery Level 1
(Cash-icon 50 Cash)
XPXP-icon 200 XP
ItemSprinkler 2-icon 8x Sprinklers
Goal Completion
DescriptionNow that you've mastered Prickly Pears, you're really going to be able to beat the desert heat!
Goods ShareGoods-icon 50 Goods
Spice It Up!-icon Spice It Up! Green With Envy!-icon Green With Envy! You're A Star!-icon Get Down To Business!

Green With Envy! is a Downtown, Lakefront and normal City goal in CityVille.

Farmer Rita says: "Upgrade your Eternal Spring Greenhouse so you can increase the number of farm plots available at one time and unlock new crops!"


Mun premium greenhouse c feed City is proud of their Eternal Spring Greenhouse!

Player keeps having to grow more Prickly Pears because every time it's time to harvest it, someone eats it all!

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