Gold Plating-icon

The Gold Plating, along with other Construction Materials, is sometimes needed to finish Community Buildings. These buildings do not need Staff Members. It can be gifted from friends or purchased for Cash-icon 1 Cash each.

There is a chance of this item dropping when collecting rent from the Hardware Store, Bank 2, Bank 3, Doggie Rescue Center 2 or Doggie Rescue Center 3.

There is also a random chance of acquiring this item by putting it on your wishlist and either opening a Mystery Gift or clicking a neighbor's train wall post. You also have a chance of getting this from the Daily Reward Delivery.

This item has an inventory limit of 25.

Used for:Edit

Building Amount
Museum-icon Museum 1
College Library-icon College Library 2

Grade School-icon Grade School

Day Care Center-icon Day Care Center

Cooking School-icon Cooking School

Community College-icon Community College

Carousel-icon Carousel 4
Firehouse-icon Firehouse

Pirate Ship Ride-icon Pirate Ship Ride

High School-icon High School 6
Hospital-icon Hospital 7
Baseball Field-icon Baseball Field 8
Court House-icon Court House 9


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