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CityVille was originally released with 85 goals, otherwise known as missions or quests.

Name Your City!-icon Name Your City!
Newspaper icon(City) Is Born!
First Neighborhood-icon First Neighborhood
25px Incoming Shipment Farmin' With Rita-icon Farmin' With Rita Rita's Rent!-icon Rita's Rent!
The Fussy Baker!-icon The Fussy Baker! The Pastry Tour!-icon The Pastry Tour! Build A Bakery!-icon Build A Bakery! 25px The Lost Bunny
Plant A City Flag-icon Plant A City Flag Open New Businesses-icon Open New Businesses
Newspaper icon(User) Flies (City) Flag Proudly!
Build City Hall!-icon Build City Hall!
Newspaper icon(User) Nominated For Mayor!
Clear Trees!-icon Clear Trees! Find Hidden Key-icon Find Hidden Key Clear Neighbor's Trees-icon Clear Neighbor's Trees
Rita's Flower Garden-icon Rita's Flower Garden Build Paul A Home!-icon Build Paul A Home!
Scout Businesses-icon Scout Businesses Build Edgar's Chateau-icon Build Edgar's Chateau The Burger Joint-icon The Burger Joint Family Feast!-icon Family Feast!
Build A Silo!-icon Build A Silo! Scout Train Routes!-icon Scout Train Routes! Send Trains!-icon Send Trains!
Build Franchises-icon Build Franchises Get Charlie Breakfast!-icon Get Charlie Breakfast!
Build Headquarters-icon Build Headquarters Railway Sign-iconIncoming Shipment
Franchise Expert-icon Franchise Expert Expand Franchise-icon Expand Franchise Run Remote Franchise-icon Run Remote Franchise
Expansive Thinking-icon Expansive Thinking Fuel Town Finances!-icon Fuel Town Finances!
Build A New Park-icon Build A New Park Place Picnic Tables-icon Place Picnic Tables Move Ruth's Picnic Table-icon Move Ruth's Picnic Table
Increase Population-icon Increase Population Harvest Bird Feed-icon Harvest Bird Feed
Crop Help-icon Crop Help Helpin' Rita-icon Helpin' Rita Newspaper iconElection Coming Soon! Place Museum-icon Place Museum
Build School-icon Build School Unlock Love Letter-icon Unlock Love Letter
Newspaper iconPolls Looking Positive For (User)! Build A Playground-icon Build A Playground School Safety-icon School Safety
Become Mayor!-icon Become Mayor!
Newspaper icon(User) Elected To Mayor's Office!
The New Seaport-icon The New Seaport
Set Sail!-icon Set Sail!
To The Americas!-icon To The Americas! Captain's Trip-icon Captain's Trip Newspaper icon(City) International Seaport Opens!
Sail The Far Atlantic-icon Sail The Far Atlantic Run Franchise-icon Run Franchise
Deliver The Goods-icon Deliver The Goods Grow Population-icon Grow Population
Newspaper iconCaptain Rusty Returns From Sailing The World Little Italy-icon Little Italy Newspaper iconBest Host City Could Become New Capital
Italian Restaurant-icon Italian Restaurant Central Park-icon Central Park Picnic Tables-icon Picnic Tables Park Beautification-icon Park Beautification
Build Restaurant-icon Build Restaurant State Fair Pitch-icon State Fair Pitch
Animal Farm-icon Animal Farm State Fair Snacks-icon State Fair Snacks
Fair Carousel-icon Fair Carousel
Newspaper icon(User) Proves To Be Powerful Mayor
Build City Funds-icon Build City Funds
Newspaper icon(City) Closer To Becoming Capital City Sports Team-icon Sports Team
Feed The Fans!-icon Feed The Fans!
Build And Recruit!-icon Build And Recruit!
Newspaper iconFans In (City) Have A Case of Baseball Fever!
New Fire Station-icon New Fire Station
Hungry Firemen-icon Hungry Firemen
Newspaper icon(User) "Cooks Up" Hot Capital City Recipe!
Smoke Signal-icon Smoke Signal
Build A Hospital-icon Build A Hospital
Newspaper iconGovernor Names (City) State Capital!
Community Checkup-icon Community Checkup
The Doctor Is In-icon The Doctor Is In
Doctor's Toys-icon Doctor's Toys
First Date Place-icon First Date Place
Chocolate And Roses-icon Chocolate And Roses
Dress For Date-icon Dress For Date Capital Business-icon Capital Business Get Rich Rent-icon Get Rich Rent
The Date Is On!-icon The Date Is On! Collect A Million-icon Collect A Million
Doc's Date Plan-icon Doc's Date Plan Mint Your Success-icon Mint Your Success
Date Tripping-icon Date Tripping
Date On Track-icon Date On Track
Even More L'Amour-icon Even More L'Amour
Sam Reports-icon Sam Reports
Sam 'N Paul's Chat-icon Sam 'N Paul's Chat
Bake The Cake-icon Bake The Cake
Dough Tossing-icon Dough Tossing
Feed The Team-icon Feed The Team
Edgar's Shoe Shine-icon Edgar's Shoe Shine
Choose The Ring-icon Choose The Ring Wedding Baking-icon Wedding Baking Wedding Dinner-icon Wedding Dinner
Wedding Dressing-icon Wedding Dressing Make The Cake-icon Make The Cake
Doctor's Tuxedo-icon Doctor's Tuxedo
Groomsmen's Links-icon Groomsmen's Links
Wedding Pavilion (Goal)-icon Wedding Pavilion (Goal)
Final Decorations-icon Final Decorations
Newlywed House (Goal)-icon Newlywed House (Goal)

Extra Goals

Level 7

Fourth Of July Fever!-icon Fourth Of July Fever! Four Scoops Of Freedom!-icon Four Scoops Of Freedom! A Dynamite Meal!-icon A Dynamite Meal! Oooo, Aaaah-icon Oooo, Aaaah

Level 10

25px Opening the Books! Open Packing Store-icon Open Packing Store
Love Thy Neighbor-icon Love Thy Neighbor
Citizens Need Your Help!-icon Citizens Need Your Help! Citizens Need Your Help! 2-icon Citizens Need Your Help! 2

Level 11

25px A Whole New Ball Game!
Go For The Goal!-icon Go For The Goal!
See The Coliseum!-icon See The Coliseum!

Level 12

Store Decorations!-icon Store Decorations! Upgrade Warehouse-icon Upgrade Warehouse
City Clerk Office-icon City Clerk Office
Sweet Tooth!-icon Sweet Tooth!
Dragon Parade!-icon Dragon Parade!

Level 13

City of Industry!-icon City of Industry! Get Things Rolling!-icon Get Things Rolling!

Level 15

Open for Visitors-icon Open for Visitors
Upgrade A Bakery!-icon Upgrade A Bakery!
Neighbor Upgrade!-icon Neighbor Upgrade!
Crop Mastery!-icon Crop Mastery!
Sculpt Fiction-icon Queen Of The Castle!
Surf's Up!-icon Surf's Up! Role Model-icon Role Model Fine & Sandy-icon Fine & Sandy Camera Shy-icon Camera Shy
Remodel Citizen-icon Remodel Citizen Mushroom Bay Point Duplex-icon Mushroom Bay Point Duplex
Mushroom Apartment Complex-icon Mushroom Apartment Complex
Campaign Committee-icon Campaign Committee
Upgrade Your Storage-icon Upgrade Your Storage Upgrade Your Silos!-icon Upgrade Your Silos! Upgrade Your Barns!-icon Upgrade Your Barns!

Level 17

Hardware Store!-icon Hardware Store!
Sporting News!-icon Sporting News!
Edgar & Ruth Dine!-icon Edgar & Ruth Dine! Suitable for Edgar-icon Suitable for Edgar Out of Town Birds!-icon Out of Town Birds!
Animal Rescue!-icon Animal Rescue! Jungle Friends!-icon Jungle Friends! Animal Attraction!-icon Animal Attraction! Feed The Tourists!-icon Feed The Tourists! Picnic At The Zoo!-icon Picnic At The Zoo!

Level 20

Unlock Cruise Ships!-icon Unlock Cruise Ships! Tourists In Sight!-icon Tourists In Sight! City Port Time!-icon City Port Time! Ready To Dock!-icon Ready To Dock!
New Arctic Habitat!-icon New Arctic Habitat!
Take A Hike!-icon Take A Hike!
Dock Star-icon Dock Star Sunken Treasure-icon Sunken Treasure Lonely Island-icon Lonely Island Super Freighter!-icon Super Freighter! Bigger Fish To Fry-icon Bigger Fish To Fry
Apple Farmin' Frenzy!-icon Apple Farmin' Frenzy!
Bring Home The Beacon!-icon Bring Home The Beacon!
Greenhouse For Crops!-icon Greenhouse For Crops! Raise Your Glass!-icon Raise Your Glass! Need For Seed-icon Need For Seed
Turn Over A New Leaf!-icon Turn Over A New Leaf! It Takes Two!-icon It Takes Two! Growth Spurt!-icon Growth Spurt!
Go Out on a Limb!-icon Go Out on a Limb! Grow Your Business!-icon Grow Your Business! Reap the Benefits!-icon Reap the Benefits!
Upgrade Cruise Ships-icon Upgrade Cruise Ships Bring in Tourists!-icon Bring in Tourists! Add A Second Port!-icon Add A Second Port! King of the Seas!-icon King of the Seas!

Level 21

Garden State-icon Garden State A Late Bloomer-icon A Late Bloomer It's Showtime!-icon It's Showtime! Comin' Up Roses-icon Comin' Up Roses

Level 22

New Mall!-icon New Mall! Mall Improvement!-icon Mall Improvement! Mall Trip!-icon Mall Trip! Mall Parking Issue-icon Mall Parking Issue Mall Security!-icon Mall Security!

Requires upgrade to Mall 3 and Completion of New Mall!-icon New Mall! Questline.

Business Is Booming!-icon Business Is Booming! Build A Second Mall!-icon Build A Second Mall!
25px Open A Food Court!
Peak Performance!-icon Peak Performance!

Level 23

25px Odd Day At The Zoo I Love Zoos-icon I Love Zoos Feathered Friend-icon Feathered Friend
Get Smart!-icon Get Smart! 25px Major Decision Getting Schooled-icon Getting Schooled

Level 24

Get A Room!-icon Get A Room! Lobby For Support!-icon Lobby For Support! Cruise Control!-icon Cruise Control!
Supply & Demand...Room Service!-icon Supply & Demand...Room Service! All In A Day's Perk!-icon All In A Day's Perk!

Level 25

Race Invaders-icon Race Invaders
Start Your Engines!-icon Start Your Engines!
Spy Games!-icon Spy Games!
Exotic Pet Show!-icon Exotic Pet Show!
For The Record-icon For The Record
A Barn Burner-icon A Barn Burner
Harvest Festival!-icon Harvest Festival!
Get To The Chopper!-icon Get To The Chopper!
Swiss Bliss!-icon Swiss Bliss!
Let's Go Sledding!-icon Let's Go Sledding!

Level 27

Start Your Engines! (Cars)-icon Start Your Engines! Artistic License-icon Artistic License 25px Green Light
Car Collector!-icon Car Collector! All Washed Up-icon All Washed Up Test Drive-icon Test Drive

Level 30

Build The Eiffel Tower Wonder!-icon Build The Eiffel Tower Wonder! Build The Great Pyramid Wonder!-icon Build The Great Pyramid Wonder!
Ride The Rapids!-icon Ride The Rapids!
Neighborhood Watch!-icon Neighborhood Watch! Block Party!-icon Block Party! Movin' On Up-icon Movin' On Up Welcome Wagon-icon Welcome Wagon
Complex Issues!-icon Complex Issues!
Night At The Symphony-icon Night At The Symphony
Chinese New Year!-icon Chinese New Year! Shanghai Bound!-icon Shanghai Bound! Year of the Dragon!-icon Year of the Dragon! Boy Meets Girl-icon Boy Meets Girl
Castle in the Snow-icon Castle in the Snow
Italian Castle!-icon Italian Castle! To Catch a Thief-icon To Catch a Thief Tourist Attraction!-icon Tourist Attraction!
Build an Airport!-icon Build an Airport! Send Planes to Master Routes!-icon Send Planes to Master Routes! Run Your Airport!-icon Run Your Airport! Travel the World!-icon Travel the World!

Level 32

Government Center!-icon Government Center!

Level 34

A Night At The Ballet!-icon A Night At The Ballet!

Level 35

Life In The Fast Lane-icon Life In The Fast Lane Driver's ID-icon Driver's ID
For The Birds-icon For The Birds
The Reel World-icon The Reel World
Cider Mill Rules!-icon Cider Mill Rules!

Level 40

Baking A Difference-icon Baking A Difference A Baker's Dozen-icon A Baker's Dozen Shake & Bake-icon Shake & Bake Bake Sale!-icon Bake Sale!
Branching Out-icon Branching Out
Moving Up In The World-icon Moving Up In The World Jump Ship!-icon Jump Ship! Care to Dance?!-icon Care to Dance?!

Level 46

Winds of Change-icon Winds of Change Windy City-icon Windy City Caution To The Wind-icon Caution To The Wind Second Wind-icon Second Wind

Level 50

Leader Of The Pack-icon Leader Of The Pack
Power Your City-icon Power Your City Get The Dam Working-icon Get The Dam Working Making Progress-icon Making Progress Fill'er Up-icon Fill'er Up
Class Clown-icon Class Clown Political Circus-icon Political Circus A Fun House Divided-icon A Fun House Divided Clownward Spiral-icon Clownward Spiral
Run For Governor-icon Run For Governor
Double Your Payouts!-icon Double Your Payouts!
Rescue Doggies!-icon Rescue Doggies!
A Work of Art!-icon A Work of Art!
Up For Auction!-icon Up For Auction!
Par For The Course-icon Par For The Course Meal Ticket-icon Meal Ticket Mini Me-icon Mini Me Icing On The Cake-icon Icing On The Cake
Snowball Fight!-icon Snowball Fight!
Meet The Parents-icon Meet The Parents Bread Winner-icon Bread Winner Mother's Nature-icon Mother's Nature Bros Before Clothes-icon Bros Before Clothes
The Mighty Pucks-icon The Mighty Pucks
Mansion Move-In!-icon Mansion Move-In!
Skyscraper Residences!-icon Skyscraper Residences!

Level 51

Boat Community Bound!-icon Boat Community Bound!

Grand Dragon Boat!-icon Grand Dragon Boat!

Level 55

Parisian Arch!-icon Parisian Arch! French Cuisine-icon French Cuisine Seeing Double-icon Seeing Double
25px Television Network! Breaking News!-icon Breaking News! 25px Channel Surfing! We're On The Air!-icon We're On The Air!
Villa Rotonda!-icon Villa Rotonda!

Level 70

Jail Museum!-icon Jail Museum! Night at the Museum!-icon Night at the Museum!

Level 80

25px Emission Impossible 25px Nip It In The Bud 25px Reuse The Force 25px The Sky's The Limit!

Population 2000

Over The River-icon Over The River Build The Bridge-icon Build The Bridge Click For News!-icon Click For News! Bridge Tourism-icon Bridge Tourism New Opportunities-icon New Opportunities

Event Goals

Holiday Tree (2010)

Place The Holiday Tree-icon Place The Holiday Tree Growing The Tree-icon Growing The Tree Keep Your Tree Growin'-icon Keep Your Tree Growin' 25px Finish Holiday Tree

Winter Event (2010)

Let It Snow!-icon Let It Snow! Winter Wonderland-icon Winter Wonderland
Winter Clothing-icon Winter Clothing

Lunar New Year Event (2011)

Lunar New Year!-icon Lunar New Year! Get Noodle-ing-icon Get Noodle-ing Time To Go Lunar-icon Time To Go Lunar

St. Patrick's Day (2011)

St. Patty's Pub-icon St. Patty's Pub Paul And St. Pats-icon Paul And St. Pats Face Painting-icon Face Painting Clovers For Ruth-icon Clovers For Ruth Edgar Bows Down-icon Edgar Bows Down

Twirls and Tiptoes! (2011)

Dance In The City!-icon Dance In The City! 25px Fine Arts Theatre (goal) Find Lost Luggage!-icon Find Lost Luggage! Ballet To Stay!-icon Ballet To Stay!

Cinco de Mayo (2011)

Cinco De Mayo!-icon Cinco De Mayo! Ready To Party!-icon Ready To Party!

The Street Carnival (2011)

Click It And Ticket-icon Click It And Ticket Street Carnival!-icon Street Carnival! County Fair Or Fowl-icon County Fair Or Fowl Sweeten The Deal!-icon Sweeten The Deal! Stuffed Pigeons-icon Stuffed Pigeons

Bastille Day (2011)

Vive La France!-icon Vive La France! Just Fondue It-icon Just Fondue It A French Toast!-icon A French Toast!

Halloween (2011)

Happy Halloween!-icon Happy Halloween! Treats 'N Sweets (Goal)-icon Treats 'N Sweets (Goal) Scream Acres!-icon Scream Acres!

CityVille's First Birthday (2011)

Celebrate CityVille's Birthday!-icon Celebrate CityVille's Birthday!

Holiday Event (2011)

Save The Holidays!-icon Save The Holidays! Happy Holidays!-icon Happy Holidays!

Giving Tree Expansion

Holiday Town!-icon Holiday Town! Star Power!-icon Star Power! Holiday Havoc!-icon Holiday Havoc! On Pins and Needles-icon On Pins and Needles

New Year Event (2012)

Happy New Year!-icon Happy New Year! Be My Guest!-icon Be My Guest! Ring In The New Year!-icon Ring In The New Year!
New Year's Resolutions 2012-icon New Year's Resolutions 2012

Lunar New Year Event (2012)

Red Envelope Store!-icon Red Envelope Store!

See all Events.

Promo Goals

Kung Fu Panda 2!-icon Kung Fu Panda 2! Get More From Best Buy!-icon Get More From Best Buy! University of Farmers!-icon University of Farmers!
Enrique Concert!-icon Enrique Concert! 25px Backstage Pass
Immortal Tour!-icon Immortal Tour! MJ Fan Club-icon MJ Fan Club
Have A Buble Holiday!-icon Have A Buble Holiday! Acappella Fella-icon Acappella Fella

Poker Questline

Find Pigeon Lady's Aces-icon Find Pigeon Lady's Aces Claim Your Reward!-icon Claim Your Reward!

FrontierVille Questline

Paul's Improvements-icon Paul's Improvements Claim your reward!-icon Claim your reward!

FarmVille Questline

Find Rare Seedlings!-icon Find Rare Seedlings! Claim your reward-icon Claim your reward

Removed Goals

A Post Office!-icon A Post Office! Bullet Train-icon Bullet Train Spring Fling!-icon Spring Fling!

Cinema Questline

Required Run Franchise-icon Run Franchise

Cinema Investment-icon Cinema Investment Build Cinema-icon Build Cinema Cinema Tour-icon Cinema Tour

Eating Contest Questline

Required Cinema Investment-icon Cinema Investment.

Eating Contest!-icon Eating Contest! Paul Packs It In!-icon Paul Packs It In! Training On Track!-icon Training On Track! Vote For Eating!-icon Vote For Eating! It's Eating Time!-icon It's Eating Time!

Movie Star Questline

Required Build Cinema-icon Build Cinema.

Star In The City!-icon Star In The City! Luxury Shopping!-icon Luxury Shopping! Recipe For Success-icon Recipe For Success Meet The Star!-icon Meet The Star! Shooting Star!-icon Shooting Star!

Restaurant Research Questline

Required State Fair Pitch-icon State Fair Pitch

Restaurant Research-icon Restaurant Research Restaurant Food-icon Restaurant Food Build Restaurant (Chef)-icon Build Restaurant (Chef)

International Food Festival Questline

Required Build Restaurant (Chef)-icon Build Restaurant (Chef)

Food Festival!-icon Food Festival! Festival Recipes!-icon Festival Recipes! Food For Thought!-icon Food For Thought! Pigeons Feast!-icon Pigeons Feast! Festival Time!-icon Festival Time!

Rita Questline

Required New Fire Station-icon New Fire Station

Supply Capital City-icon Supply Capital City Crop Tending-icon Crop Tending Harvest Peas-icon Harvest Peas Build Corner Store-icon Build Corner Store

Welcome Lorenzo's Family Questline

Required Build Restaurant-icon Build Restaurant

Lorenzo's Family-icon Lorenzo's Family House The Family!-icon House The Family! Family Value!-icon Family Value! Sneezy Niece!-icon Sneezy Niece! Newspaper iconRussian Ballet Dances In City!

Rusty Gets Lost Questline

Required Newspaper iconCaptain Rusty Returns From Sailing The World

25px Rusty Lost at Sea! Search Party Time!-icon Search Party Time! Send The Ships-icon Send The Ships More Rusty Clues!-icon More Rusty Clues! Bring Rusty Home!-icon Bring Rusty Home!

Archeological Dig Questline

Required Crop Help-icon Crop Help

Archeological Dig!-icon Archeological Dig! Artifacts of Life!-icon Artifacts of Life! Student Archeology!-icon Student Archeology! Cabin Copy!-icon Cabin Copy! Newspaper icon(User) Digs Up More About (City)'s Past! For the Children!-icon For the Children!

Higher Education Questline

Required School Safety-icon School Safety

Louise's Homework!-icon Louise's Homework! Higher Education!-icon Higher Education! Edgar Gets Flunky!-icon Edgar Gets Flunky! Education Rules!-icon Education Rules! Edgar's College Try-icon Edgar's College Try
Bird Doctor!-icon Bird Doctor! Education Rises!-icon Education Rises! Newspaper iconGovernor Votes For University In (City)!

Summer Lovin' Questline

Required XP-icon Level 50

Summer Lovin'-icon Summer Lovin' A Shore Thing-icon Cruise Control Hook, Line, & Sinker-icon Hook, Line, & Sinker Pool Pigeon-icon Pool Pigeon

Stumpford Vacation Questline

Required XP-icon Level 30

Family Vacation-icon Family Vacation Detour Guide-icon Detour Guide Camping My Style-icon Camping My Style Hoax Busters-icon Hoax Busters

Back to School Questline

Required XP-icon Level 25

Too Cool For School-icon Too Cool For School Show & Tell-icon Show & Tell Study Hall Of Fame-icon Study Hall Of Fame Playing Hooky-icon Playing Hooky

Odd Day with Rusty Questline

Required XP-icon Level 25

Odd Day With Rusty-icon Odd Day With Rusty Max And The Sea Monster-icon Max And The Sea Monster Ruth's New Friend-icon Ruth's New Friend Gone Missing-icon Gone Missing

Boat Race Questline

Required Set Sail!-icon Set Sail!

Rusty's Challenge-icon Rusty's Challenge Cruise Control-icon Cruise Control Sea Food Training-icon Sea Food Training Ready? Set? Race!-icon Ready? Set? Race! New Friends In China-icon New Friends In China

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