Go Karts
Go Karts-icon
Image © Zynga
Requirements:XP-icon Level 25
Cost:Coins-icon 2,500 Coins
Construction:Energy-icon 8 Energy
Earnings:Coins-icon 800-3,000 Coins
Running Time:3 mins
Collection:Go Kart Collection

The Go Karts is a 5x5 sized business attraction in CityVille released on August 1, 2011. It costs 2,500 coins and 8 energy to build. It has a running time of 3 minutes and can earn 800-3,000 coins. Completion of this attraction is required for the Start Your Engines!-icon Start Your Engines! Goal. This is currently the only attraction available on the Google+ version of the game.

Send tourbuses to your neighbors' completed Go Karts attractions to acquire collection items from the Go Kart Collection.


To finish the building, the following materials are required:

Open Go KartsEdit

Once the attraction is completed, click to open. During the running time of 3 minutes, it is able to accept up to 300 customers. Release tourists from Cruise Ship, Hotel, Sailboat Hotel to maximize payouts.

Re-Open Go KartsEdit

1. Collect Wrenches-doober 3 Wrenches via wall posts or pay Cash-icon 18 Cash to speed up maintenance.
2. Wait for the timer countdown (24-72 hours) for repairs to complete.

Theme ParkEdit

On March 1st 2012, a Theme Park-icon Theme Park was released which is meant to store attractions.

When inside the Theme Park-icon Theme Park; the Go Karts attraction will not require Wrenches-doober Wrenches but instead it is supplied with Goods-icon 600 Goods, also the operating time of 3 minutes no longer applies.


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