Announcement Gardens

Beautify Your City With Gardens!

The Gardens feature was added to CityVille on September 20, 2011. This feature is almost the same as the Zoo except that it does not give any rent. Gardens only increase payouts on housing and businesses. A player needs to be at XP-icon Level 21 to unlock this feature.


Garden State-icon Garden State A Late Bloomer-icon A Late Bloomer It's Showtime!-icon It's Showtime! Comin' Up Roses-icon Comin' Up Roses



Image Name Cost Payout Got From
Garden Bench-icon Garden Bench Free 2% Wall Posts
Sculpted Tree-icon Sculpted Tree Quest Reward 3% A Late Bloomer-icon A Late Bloomer
Roses Fountain-icon Roses Fountain Quest Reward 10% Comin' Up Roses-icon Comin' Up Roses
Rose Gate-icon Rose Gate 22,000 5-12% Build Menu/Wall Posts
Quaint Stone Wall-icon Quaint Stone Wall Free 2% Wall Posts
Corner Quaint Stone Wall-icon Corner Quaint Stone Wall Free 2% Wall Posts
Garden Sidewalk-icon Garden Sidewalk Coins-icon 100 Coins / Build Menu/Decorations


Image Name Cost Population Payout Other Info
Gardener's House-icon Gardener's House Cash-icon 50 Cash Population-icon 400-750 Population 410 coins every 18 hours /


Image Name Cost Payout Requirement
Rose Garden 2-icon Rose Garden Coins-icon 75,000 Coins 21-33% for businesses and residences, 42%-66%

XP-icon Level 21

Garden State-icon Garden State

Small Rose Garden-icon Small Rose Garden Coins-icon 38,000 Coins 4-7% for businesses and residences, 8-14% for other gardens XP-icon Level 21


Flowers can be obtained through donations which are gifted by CityVille friends through wall posts as well as Cash

Image Name Rarity Payout Cost
Pink Yellow Roses-icon Pink Yellow Roses Common 0% Cash-icon 8 Cash
Violet Roses-icon Violet Roses Common 0% Cash-icon 8 Cash
White Wild Roses-icon White Wild Roses Common 0% Cash-icon 8 Cash
Lilac Tea Roses-icon Lilac Tea Roses Uncommon 3% Cash-icon 14 Cash
Dark Red Roses-icon Dark Red Roses Uncommon 3% Cash-icon 14 Cash
Peach Roses-icon Peach Roses Rare 4% Cash-icon 20 Cash


Rosegarden feed


Official Guide


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