France Event (2012)
France Event-icon
Image © Zynga
Start DateJanuary 2, 2012
End DateJanuary 18, 2012
Events Timeline
New Year Event (2012) 'France Event'
German Event (2012)

The France Event is an Event in CityVille. It started on January 2, 2012. During the event, a number of French themed items were released.

Many of the items are influenced by the city, Bordeaux, in southwestern France.

For other French inspired items, see the Bastille Day (2011) Event. Note that these older items will not be given an extra bonus from the newer French decorations.


Requires XP-icon Level 55

Parisian Arch!-icon Parisian Arch! French Cuisine-icon French Cuisine Seeing Double-icon Seeing Double
XP-icon 300 XP and Energy-icon 15 Energy
XP-icon 300 XP and Energy-icon 15 Energy
Andre's House
XP-iconEnergy-icon XP-iconEnergy-icon Andre's House-icon


Community BuildingsEdit

Image Community Building Cost Allows Completion Other Info
Grand Theatre de Bordeaux-icon Grand Theatre de Bordeaux Coins-icon 1,500,000 Coins Population-icon 4,000 Population Staff Members-icon 12 Staff Members Limited Edition Item
Parisian Arch-icon Parisian Arch not buyable Population-icon 3,500 Population materials Place from Parisian Arch!-icon Parisian Arch!
French Film Institute-icon French Film Institute Cash-icon 70 Cash Population-icon 5,250 Population Staff Members-icon 10 Staff Members Limited Edition Item


Image Name Cost Supply Earnings Other Info
Magnifique Men's Clothing-icon Magnifique Men's Clothing Coins-icon 500,000 Coins Goods-icon 350 Goods Coins-icon 1,848 Coins Limited Edition Item
Bourdeaux Boulevard-icon Bourdeaux Boulevard Cash-icon 65 Cash Goods-icon 420 Goods Coins-icon 2,154 Coins Limited Edition Item


Image Name Cost Population Payout Other Info
Fontenot House-icon Fontenot House Cash-icon 45 Cash Population-icon 850-1,690 Population Coins-icon 199 Coins every 4 hours Limited Edition Item
Cotillard Cottage-icon Cotillard Cottage Cash-icon 35 Cash Population-icon 350-680 Population Coins-icon 145 Coins every 2 hours Limited Edition Item
Garant Apartments-icon Garant Apartments Coins-icon 1,500,000 Coins Population-icon 1,500-3,000 Population Coins-icon 130 Coins every 1 hour Limited Edition Item
Andre's House-icon Andre's House not buyable Population-icon 350-680 Population Coins-icon 315 Coins every 24 hours Seeing Double-icon Seeing Double Reward
Colbert Castle-icon Colbert Castle Cash-icon 30-100 Cash Population-icon 3,500-6,500 Population Coins-icon 480 Coins every 18 hours Limited Edition Item
Moliere Manor-icon Moliere Manor Cash-icon 55 Cash Population-icon 1,300-2,600 Population Coins-icon 50 Coins every 15 mins Limited Edition Item
Fleur de Lys Apartments-icon Fleur de Lys Apartments Cash-icon 50 Cash Population-icon 1,100-2,180 Population Coins-icon 249 Coins every 8 hours Limited Edition Item
Clouseau Cottage-icon Clouseau Cottage Coins-icon 10,000 Coins Population-icon 170-320 Population Coins-icon 93 Coins every 1 hour Limited Edition Item


Image Name Cost Bonus Payout Other Info
French Tourists-icon French Tourists Cash-icon 12 Cash 12-24% Limited Edition Item
Saint Francois Tower-icon Saint Francois Tower Coins-icon 16,000 Coins 5-10% Limited Edition Item


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