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Welcome to the CityVille Help Desk forum!
Pigeonlady-circle Need some help on CityVille? Post your issues here and hopefully someone can help you!
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Why can't I move or bulldoze the Tropical Mansion?00:26, December 19, 201424.74.36.208
Flowers and romance won't let me create happy couples!19:13, June 15, 201496.39.187.138
Why will it not allow me access to the gifts sent to me? I cannot collect them.16:34, May 17, 2014108.234.73.245
Browser stability issue18:35, May 6, 201481.204.125.14
Where can I store the large wooden cabin?18:37, March 4, 2014142.197.40.49
Where can I store the Norway condo?06:38, March 2, 2014142.197.40.49
Video link is crashing Cityville21:50, February 20, 201489.242.59.118
Private jet terminal21:43, October 25, 201374.67.196.178
Spoke/Spiral Skyscraper how we can get that?14:45, October 21, 2013Z33SH
How do I get desk lamps?11:36, August 22, 201366.248.172.74
Unknown issue14:33, July 24, 2013Mihapro
How to start over01:35, July 24, 2013Mihapro
Certain parts wont load01:33, July 24, 2013Mihapro
Brazil coming tomorrow01:32, July 24, 2013Mihapro
Brownstone, Can't finish01:31, July 24, 2013Mihapro
Crystal prism help01:31, July 24, 2013Mihapro
I am not getting ANY request from you all on my home page - how do I change this - it just starting happening this weekend. I am getting all the personal stories but no CV requests. Any thoughts Like · ·01:28, July 24, 2013Mihapro
Upgrade alps gorge01:26, July 24, 2013Mihapro
Alpine alps gorge01:25, July 24, 2013Mihapro
No gifts are arriving in my inventory for the past 3 weeks. help.01:24, July 24, 2013Mihapro
Red Carpet Gala guests disappear01:23, July 24, 2013Mihapro

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