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Flying Bull
Flying Bull-icon
Image © Zynga
Reward for:Bull Buildings!-icon That's No Bull!
Requirement:XP-icon Level 10
Unlock Cost:Cash-icon 10 Cash
Cost:Coins-icon 5,000 Coins
Rent:Coins-icon 50 Coins every 15 minutes
Min Pop:Population-icon 1,450 Population
Max Pop:Population-icon 2,800 Population
Population Upgrades
Upgrades:Extra large moving truck 60 Bonus Population

The Flying Bull is a 4x4 Bulls Partner, Parade, and Spring residence in CityVille. It can be built as part of the goal Bull Buildings!-icon That's No Bull! This one costs Coins-icon 5,000 Coins, though the first one is free when placed during the goal.

For each level you've built the Flying Bull to, before the time limit ends, its population and appearance will improve. Each building requires a Flying Bull 2-icon Flying Bull and different items to complete each level.

Having a fully built Flying Bull can increase your city's population by Population-icon 1,250 Population. Rent can be collected every 15 minutes and earns Coins-icon 50 Coins.

The maximum reward for this balloon is: Driving Bull-icon Driving Bull, XP-icon 440 XP, and Coins-icon 520,000 Coins


Level 1: Population-icon 10-20 Population
Level 2: Population-icon 20-30 Population
Level 3: Population-icon 30-40 Population
Level 4: Population-icon 40-50 Population
Level 5: Population-icon 50-60 Population
Level 6-7: Population-icon 1,450-2,800 Population


Level 2: Goggles-viral Goggles: 3, Flying Bull: 6, Bullhorn: 3
Level 3: Rockets-viral Rockets: 6, Flying Bull: 12, Bullhorn: 6
Level 4: Fuel-viral Fuel: 8, Flying Bull: 16, Bullhorn: 8
Level 5: Encouragement-viral Encouragement: 14, Flying Bull: 28, Bullhorn: 14
Level 6: Success-viral Success: 20, Flying Bull: 40, Bullhorn: 20
Level 7: None

The first item for each level can be collected from Wall Posts while the second can be collected from different Bulls Partner buildings. The third item is the created item required to Build the Flying Bull to the next level.

Upgrade RewardsEdit

Upgrading the Flying Bull will give you and your Building Partner rewards. They are:

Level You Building Partner
2 Coins-icon 5,000 Coins, Energy-icon 3 Energy Energy-icon 10 Energy, Flying Bull 2-icon 3x Flying Bull
3 Coins-icon 7,500 Coins, Energy-icon 4 Energy Energy-icon 15 Energy, Flying Bull 2-icon 3x Flying Bull
4 Coins-icon 10,000 Coins, Energy-icon 5 Energy Energy-icon 15 Energy, Zoning Permit-doober Zoning Permit
5 Coins-icon 12,500 Coins, Energy-icon 10 Energy Energy-icon 15 Energy, Zoning Permit-doober 2x Zoning Permits
6 Coins-icon 15,000 Coins, Energy-icon 15 Energy Energy-icon 17 Energy, Zoning Permit-doober 3x Zoning Permits
7 Coins-icon 5,000 Coins, Energy-icon 3 Energy Energy-icon 10 Energy, Flying Bull 2-icon 3x Flying Bull

Final RewardsEdit

Once the Flying Bull has been fully built, or the 7 days has passed, you will have the possibility of being rewarded one of the following based on the level:

Level Item Goods Coins
1 Zoning Permit-doober Zoning Permit XP-icon 56 XP Coins-icon 8,000 Coins
2 Zoning Permit-doober 2x Zoning Permits XP-icon 80 XP Coins-icon 24,000 Coins
3 Zoning Permit-doober 3x Zoning Permit XP-icon 120 XP Coins-icon 56,000 Coins
4 Zoning Permit-doober 4x Zoning Permit XP-icon 160 XP Coins-icon 88,000 Coins
5 Zoning Permit-doober 5x Zoning Permit XP-icon 200 XP Coins-icon 144,000 Coins
6 Zoning Permit-doober 6x Zoning Permit XP-icon 240 XP Coins-icon 240,000 Coins
7 Driving Bull-icon Driving Bull XP-icon 320 XP Coins-icon 320,000 Coins
8 Driving Bull-icon Driving Bull XP-icon 300 XP Coins-icon 400,000 Coins
9 Driving Bull-icon Driving Bull XP-icon 360 XP Coins-icon 480,000 Coins
10 Driving Bull-icon Driving Bull XP-icon 440 XP Coins-icon 520,000 Coins

Note: You can earn any reward up to and including the level of the Flying Bull. Having a fully built Flying Bull will allow you to possibly earn up to the tenth level.

Possible Item DropsEdit

Collecting BonusesEdit

85%XP-icon 1 XP
15%2XP-icon 2 XP
10%Energy-icon 1 Energy
40%Population-icon 8 Population
30%Population-icon 7 Population
20%Population-icon 6 Population
15%Population-icon 5 Population
12%Population-icon 4 Population
8%Population-icon 3 Population
5%Population-icon 0-2 Population
Direction SW Direction SE
Flying Bull-SW Flying Bull-SE


Flying Bull
Flying Bull 2-icon
Image © Zynga
Viral Information
Collect From: Bulls Partner Buildings
Reset Time:4 hours
Cash:Cash-icon 5 Cash each
Inv. Limit:15

The Flying Bull is an item needed to complete the Flying Bull-icon Flying Bull.

These can be collected from Bulls Partner buildings.

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