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Equality Plaza
Equality Plaza-icon
Image © Zynga
Requirements:XP-icon Level 20
Place the Plaza!-icon Place the Plaza!
Construction:Energy-icon 4 Energy
Completion:Glass Elevator (EP)-viral 6-9-12x Glass Elevator (EP)
Red Flag-viral 6-9-12x Red Flag
Purple Flag-viral 6-9-12x Purple Flag
Lobby Mailbox-viral 6-9-12x Lobby Mailbox
Skylight (EP)-viral 6-9-12x Skylight (EP)
Allows: Population-icon 1,000 Population

The Equality Plaza is a 5x5 Community Building storage that can be placed from the Place the Plaza!-icon Place the Plaza! Goal. It will hold 5 Community Buildings per level, for a total of 15 at level 3. It was released on June 29, 2012. It does not hold Landmarks.

Excluded Community Buildings (it will not hold the following):
City Hall
Clerk's Office
Police Station
Post Office
Zoning Permit Center

*Note: The 'Official' Guide lists the Equality Plaza as an 8x8 building, but it is actually 5x5

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