Egg Nog Shop 2
Egg Nog Shop 2-icon
Image © Zynga
Requirement:Supplied Egg Nog Shop 50 times
Max Helpers:Reputation-icon 10 Neighbors
Help Amount:+5 supplies
Upgrade CashCash-icon 3 Cash for +1 supply
Supplies:Goods-icon 100 Goods
Earnings:Coins-icon 400 Coins
Efficiency:Coins-icon 4 Coins per Goods-icon Good
Collection:Holiday Collection
Business Upgrades
Egg Nog Shop-icon Egg Nog Shop Egg Nog Shop 2-icon Egg Nog Shop 2 Egg Nog Shop 3-icon Egg Nog Shop 3

The Egg Nog Shop 2 is a 3x3 upgrade of the Egg Nog Shop business in CityVille. It unlocks when a player has supplied the Egg Nog Shop 50 times.

Supplying it consumes Goods-icon 100 Goods. Collecting from it earns Coins-icon 400 Coins and a chance of collectibles from the Holiday Collection. There is also a 10% chance of dropping a Magic Black Hat-icon Magic Black Hat.

The Egg Nog Shop 2-icon Egg Nog Shop 2 has an efficiency of 4 coins per good.


3%Gingerbread-icon Gingerbread
3%Glass Ornament-icon Glass Ornament
3%Candles holiday-icon Candles
3%Holiday Card-icon Holiday Card
3%Red Bow-icon Red Bow

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