Edgar & Ruth Dine!
Edgar & Ruth Dine!-icon
Image © Zynga
Goal Information
DescriptionHelp Ruth and the pigeons make a "crazy" dinner!
HintsEdgar and I have different taste in food, but if the pigeons like it we're fine!
Mission fromRuth
Have a City Supermarket.
(Cash-icon 25 Cash)
Collect from Tofu Burger Joint 5 times.
(Cash-icon 15 Cash)
Collect 7 Bird Seed
(Cash-icon 40 Cash)
ItemUnlocks Department Store
Goal Completion
DescriptionThe pigeons and I are ready for a wild dinner with Edgar! Ask friends to prepare the meal!
Edgar & Ruth Dine!-icon Edgar & Ruth Dine! Suitable for Edgar-icon Suitable for Edgar

Edgar and Ruth Dine! is a Goal in CityVille.

Ruth says: "The pigeons and I are going shopping to get goodies for our dinner with Edgar. Can you help?"



Have a City Supermarket

Collect Tofu Burger-icon

Collect from Tofu Burger Joint 5 times

Bird Seed-icon

Ask friends for 7 Bird Seed

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Edgar & Ruth Dine!-feed Player makes dinner plans For Edgar, Ruth and the Pigeons!

The quirkiest couple (and birds) ever decided to have dinner together in City, and Player catered to their needs! Make dinner for Free Goods!

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