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A screenshot of Edgar

Edgar is a non-playable character who serves as one of the game's beginning guide. He is responsible for giving you various goals that help you progress throughout the game, particularly relating to businesses and the franchise element of the game.

Edgar's StoryEdit

Edgar is a straight-to-the-point businessman who offers to help the player succeed in business. He guides the player towards different businesses, including: Toy Store and Burger Joint. He also demands the player build him a home with "materials worth of his stature. Nothing less than a mansion or as the French say, 'Chateau!'" Edgar suggests the player should visit other neighbors' cities to investigate their businesses and then he leads the future mayor into the world of franchises.


See also: Goals Given by Edgar

Open New BusinessesEdit

See also: Open New Businesses-icon Open New Businesses

For this goal, players are required to build a Toy Store. Players may need to increase their population to complete this mission. The reward is 25 goods.

The Burger JointEdit

See also: The Burger Joint-icon The Burger Joint

Edgar guides the player towards building a Burger Joint. The reward is the unlock of Modern Chateau's availability to players.

Build Edgar's ChateauEdit

See also: Build Edgar's Chateau-icon Build Edgar's Chateau
Modern Chateau-icon

Unlike other goals set by Edgar, which mostly focus on business and franchises, "Build Edgar's Chateau" requires the player to build a house. This doesn't include any Chateaus already present in the city as it must be placed after the quest is given. Edgar also requires 6 City Fences.

Scout BusinessesEdit

See also: Scout Businesses-icon Scout Businesses

Edgar advises the player to learn more about businesses by visiting neighbors' cities and investigating theirs by sending 10 Tour Buses. This is achieved by clicking on any business in the city. The reward is 1 experience (XP).

Build FranchisesEdit

See also: Build Franchises-icon Build Franchises

The player is forced to expand their franchise to Samantha's City. This involves visiting her city and placing a business in her available Empty Lot. The franchise is accepted immediately and the reward is a Headquarters for the franchise. Unfortunately, a player must expand their franchise if they wish to advance to further goals - even though this means permanently agreeing to build a low level franchise which can never be deleted. By this point, however, the player will at least have a Burger Joint. The reward is 50 goods.

Build HeadquartersEdit

See also: Build Headquarters-icon Build Headquarters

After completing "Build Franchises", a Headquarters will appear in the player's inventory. This can be placed in the city, and the objective of the follow up mission is to build the Headquarters. Headquarters require 10 build actions, thus 10 energy. The reward is 50 goods.

Run Remote FranchiseEdit

See also: Run Remote Franchise-icon Run Remote Franchise
Build Headquarters-icon

According to Edgar, running Franchises is "not for the weak" and to prove to him that the player is worthy, they must remotely supply goods to their franchise. This is achieved by clicking on their headquarters and clicking "SUPPLY" to send goods to Samantha's City. The reward is 100 coins.

Expand FranchiseEdit

See also: Expand Franchise-icon Expand Franchise

Considerably more difficult than the goals before, expanding franchises requires neighbors to have available empty lots. This goal requires the player to expand their franchise to a second city. The reward is 1 XP.

Franchise ExpertEdit

See also: Franchise Expert-icon Franchise Expert

As well as placing 1 Empty Lot, the player is required to supply their franchise 5 times. Depending on how many cities they have managed to expand their franchise to, this could take anything up to 3 days to complete. The reward is 2 energy.

Bridge ExpansionEdit


Site for potential bridge expansion.

See also: Bridge

Edgar is seen hanging from helicopter on the east side of the map, with binoculars in hand. Clicking on him shows the following blurb:

"This land looks ripe for development! All we need is a bridge... Increase population to 5,000 to be prepared."

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